Event description

* If you want our 75,- DKK Lockdown insurance in case of a Danish National Lockdown, then please buy this in the "Merchandise" section.

* If you want a "Competition Souvenir T-shirt", then please buy this in the "Merchandise" section BEFORE 1/1-2022. Competition t-shirts are not included in the competition. Read our "Frequently Asked Questions" on our website www.crossevent.dk

Compete In The Annual Huddle Up Team Competition 13th Of February 2022 In The Ultimate Competition Box In Denmark – HCA CrossFit.

It´s about time to HUDDLE UP with you and your best buddie in our annual team competition.

This competition is for you who wants to compete and test your skills in teams of 2.

We welcome two divisions to compete in this epic event. You can choose to compete in the divisions NEWBIE MIX TEAM, SCALED MIX TEAM or INTERMEDIATE FEMALE TEAM.

We can promise you an awesome competition experience, with competent programming and optimal competition environment and equipment throughout the whole day.

Our goal is to give all our athletes epic memories with each other that will last a lifetime. Throughout the day of competition, there will be 3-4 workouts and 1 final WOD – We kick off at 8am, so be ready to test your strength, conditioning and overall toughness.

At this event Event 1 and 2 will be released in full on our Facebook page in the week leading up to the competition. The rest of the events and the final event will be revealed in the given event briefing on-site right before the workout is to be executed.