Beast of Berlin 2017 - Finals

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Beast of Berlin is a new annual Event to be held in Berlin, Europes pulsating heart! Our Goal is to create one of the best Fitness Competitions in Europe where once a year Athletes, Spectators and Volunteers come together to celebrate this friendly competition. In our first year we are looking forward to hosting Athletes in 4 Divisions to throw down and give their All on the Competition Floor. It will be a unique experience from Assault Bike to Zeus Rope.

This year we are opening the Competition Floor for the very first time and we are excited for your results and welcome the fittest of you to the final in Berlin.

The Top Athletes from all Divisions are invited to the Final Event in Berlin on December 2-3.

30 female and 30 male Athletes for the Individuals

20 female and 20 male Athletes for the Masters

10 female and 10 male Athletes for the Masters+

20 female and 20 male Athletes for the Scaled Division

All Athletes will compete on both Days in Berlin, there will be a cut after the first Workout on Sunday.

The Scaled Division however is intended for beginners only and will only have 2 Workouts, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

We are looking forward ton seeing you all in Berlin and find out who really is the Beast of Berlin!


There will be no refunds for registrations and/or spectator tickets.

Please note that in the case of a change in date or location of the Beast of Berlin finals, there will be no refunds for any tickets purchased.

In case no other suitable location or date can be found, no refunds will be given on any tickets purchased.