Event description

BFMG individuals are back!


BFMG presents Ragnarök, the all new fitness festival taking place on the 2nd & 3rd July 2022 at the East of England Arena! This huge festival will not only have the usual competition running, but will also be host to a great number of other activities, sports and a huge party on the Saturday evening. 

Camping will be available for the evening of the 2nd of July, bookings for which will be opening soon. 

The functional fitness competition will be for individuals and teams of 4, all through qualifier entry. The qualifiers will take place across the 3 weeks between the 15th April to the 6th May. 

The qualifiers will be run so that you complete one workout per week for 3 weeks. We will ensure that all equipment required is easily accesible and found at most gyms. To make life easier for the teams, team members will complete the workouts as an individual and sumbit a video per person, the total score will then be taken as a total from all 4 videos. 

Please ensure that you have set up your YouTube (or other video sharing account) fully before trying  to upload your video as it can sometimes not work if you have not verified your email address/phone number. Ensure that a clock is visible at all times in your video. 

Individual finals tickets will be £72 and teams finals tickets will be £258.