Event description

FolkFit would like to welcome you to our first public competition, FolkFest Throwdown

The competition is for Same-Sex Pairs and will cover all abilities from Scaled, Intermediate and RX!

There are no qualifiers for the competition and there are a limited amount of places for teams.

Scaled: 16 teams, 8 male & 8 female

Intermediate: 32 teams, 16 male & 16 female

RX: 32 teams, 16 male & 16 female

There is no refund policy but we will allow substitutions up until 00:00am Friday 22nd April. 

The Movement Standards for the event are:

Scaled: This will be accessible to everyone! If you're brand new or just started out and are looking for your first taste of competition, this will be perfect for you. 

Intermediate: If you've been doing this for a while and are competent with a few gymnastic movements but struggle with a heavy barbell and complex gymnastic movements. You should be able to do T2B, Pull-Ups, HSPU (with ab-mat) Cycle 50/35kg Barbell, C+J 85/55kg and Snatch 50/35kg.

RX: Complex gymnastic movements (RMU, BMU, HSPU, C2B) Cycling 60/42.5kg Barbell, C+J 90/60kg, Snatch 60/42.5kg

We will be releasing the workouts in the weeks leading up to the competition.