Event description

IT'S BACK! DOUBLE TROUBLE 3! THE INLAND EMPIRES MOST OFFICIAL DUO FITNESS COMPETITION! Teams of 2 (MM/FF/MF) will compete head to head in 3 workouts throughout the day! A combination of strength, skill and conditioning will be tested in those 3 workouts. 


If you have been to our previous 2 events you KNOW that we bring the good vibes & community atmosphere! Supportive, energetic and positive for all levels. This competition will have 2 divisions (Beginner &  Intermdediate / As Prescribed) so get your partner, get registered and get to training! Fun and excitement is coming your way ! 



Beginner/Fun Division will have no high level skill movements. Double unders, Toes to bar, Etc. Weights will be much lighter than the intermediate/as prescribed division. 

Intermediate/As Prescrived Division should be able to complete all or most workouts as prescribed at your home gym. You may or may not see movements like double unders, toes to bar, pullups, etc. Clean and jerks may range from 115-155. Snatch may range from 95-115. 

The above information is NOT a list of our movements. They are to be used as a guidelne when choosing your division.