Event description

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a Male/Female Partner Competition!

Registration will open at 7 AM with the athlete meeting starting at 8:15 AM. Male and Female partners RX, Intermdiate and Scaled divisions, Masters 40+ Scaled, Intermediate,  and RX divisions as well.  

Movement Standards and Workouts will be released prior to the event. If you complete the Open workouts RX you are an RX athlete, if you scale them you are scaled. Intermediate you will see some basic gymnastics movements like pull ups and toes to bar so this is a great middle ground division!

Movements you might see..

Muscle Ups (1 person on team)

C2B Pull Ups/ pull ups (ring rows scaled)

T2B/Ab Mat Sit Ups

Double Unders/Single Unders

Handstand push Ups/Hand Release Push Ups

Snatchs (male 135 female 95 for rx - reps)

Clean and Jerks (male 185 female 135 rx - reps)

Dumbbell Movements (RX 50/35 S 35/20)

Box Jumps RX Step Ups Scaled

Rowing all divisions

Air Bikes All divisions

Wall balls 20/14 14/10

Sandbags 150/100 rx 100/70 scaled