Event description

What is The Tribal Throwdown ?

The Tribal Throwdown is an online functional fitness competition open to athletes from around the world. In the safe environment of your gym test yourself against other competitors this November in an open style format of 4 workouts over  weeks. 


Cash Prizes available to the winners of each category, the prizes will be a percentage of the registration fee for the competition. The more that enter the bigger the prize pot


Masters RX
Novice (Beginner, Casual Competitor, Novice Masters Athletes) 

Only €20 

Movement Standards


Athletes should be competent with all RX movements

Masters RX

Aged 35+ Athletes should be competent with all RX movements

What about Masters Novice

For now Masters Novice athletes or those new to the sport or just casual competitors are encouraged to enter the 'Novice' Category. This category is designed for everyone and will include scaling options. This may be granted its own category should there be a viable number of competitors. Those athletes eligible will be moved 


The category designed for those who don't quite fit the RX or Novice category we want you to have the opportunity to get involved also. 

The intermeditate category will feature RX movements with the option to scale them if needed too:

Pull Ups / Chest to bar / Muscle Ups = Jumping options
Reduction in weight during the workouts


We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to compete, whether you are a first-timer, new to crossfit or just a casual competitor this is the category for you

This category will be ‘Scaled’ and will feature movements like the below examples:

Double Unders = Single skips
Toes to bar = Knee raises
Handstand press ups = Hand release push ups
Pull Ups = Jumping Pull Ups
Reduction in weight & increased time during the workouts


All categories apart from RX can scale the workout as necessary but if the scaling option is not the one advised it may impact your score on the leaderboard. Athletes must record their workouts on their mobile device and upload this when submitting their score. The preferred method would be to use to WODProof App available on iOS or Android

Should I enter RX or Intermediate? 

As a general rule of thumb if you can perform the below movements then the RX category is for you and if not then the Intermediate category is the one for you this year:

Muscle Up (Bar or ring)
80/50kg+ Snatch (1 RM)
10+ HSPU
110/70kg+  Clean (1 RM)
160/100kg+ Deadlift (1RM)

However muscle ups may appear in the intermediate category

Affiliate Programme

We understand gyms may want to host their own in house competitions and we are here to help. Contact us on tribalthrowdown@gmail.com to get your gym signed up.

What is the affiliate programme? When your gym has registered to become an affiliate member of the competition for each member of your gym that registers you will receive a percentage of the sale. This can then be used in whatever way you please but we suggest using it to award your members with prizes and run an internal leaderboard. Please note, the gym member must clearly have his/her gym clearly outlined on their registration form and gyms will be issued with the percentage of the sales after the competition has come to an end. 

Whats better is this is FREE to join ! 

Refund Policy

There is a strictly NO REFUND policy in place or the option to substitute your ticket for this competition

Workout Release Dates 

Tribal 21.1 = 11th November 2021

Tribal 21.2 = 18th November 2021

Tribal 21.3 = 25th November 2021

Athletes will have 7 days to complete all workouts


Best of Luck and we hope you will enjoy being part of the Tribe! 


*All athletes compete at their own risk and The Tribal Throwdown is not responsible for any athlete competing in the competition. The Tribal Throwdown team reserve the right to refuse entry and remove competitors from the competition