Event description


Terms and conditions 

The athletes must read and accept these Rules and policies in all its parts incorporated herein by reference.

Risk acceptance

The athletes assume full responsibility for any and all risks that they are exposed to as a result of participation in BXTD.

Those risks may include but not limited to the following:

–                 Injury to musculoskeletal system which can result in serious injury or dearth

–                 Injury or dearth due to my negligence

–                 Injury or dearth due to failure or improper use of equipment

The athlete declares that he read the information note related to Rhabdomyolysis provided by the journal and agree to assume all risks associated with participation in BXTD.

The athlete also certifies that he or she is not aware of any obstacles, physical or physiological, that may cause damage to himself or other athletes during the participation in BXTD.

The athlete accepts financial responsibility for any injury that she may cause either to himself or other athletes, including serious injury and death. BXTD doesn’t take financial responsibility for any injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property occurred during the competition.

The athlete further agrees to indemnify BXTD, its employees and volunteers, from liability for any injury or dearth of person(s) and damage to property that may result from her negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in the competition.


The organizers of BXTD reserves the right to disqualify athletes. Reasons for disqualification may include but not limited to the following:

  • Unsportsmanlike, racist or sexist behavior
  • Unfair behavior that lead to falsification of competition results
  • Offensive behavior against employees of BXTD, volunteers, other athletes or guests
  • Any behavior that breaches the Italian law
  • Any behavior that may harm the brand BXTD and/or Leonessa

The organizers of BXTD reserve the right to run the competition as it sees fit.

All athletes, including the staff of their teams and other persons must comply with this rules.

In the event of emergency, the athlete or a parent for minors authorizes to call the medical emergency services and to provide immediate medical care.


Audio and video registrations

Any audio or video images or registrations made during BXTD may be used for personal needs only.

It is forbidden to use any audio or video material for commercial purpose without the prior consent of the organizers of BXTD.

Equipment and other materials

By accepting these rules the athletes are responsible for taking care of the equipment and other materials available during BXTD. All equipment provided during the competition respect the security standard and legally protected. The athlete is responsible for any damage of equipment and other material due to improper use.

The athlete declares that he fully read and fully accept the foregoing rules and policies.

By signing this document the athlete accepts the responsibility before the law


Subscription fee



The substitute of athletes

It is possible to substitute the team members until one day before the competition by communicating via mail at info@brixiathrowdown.com