Event description

Big announcement!!! As many of you know in our gym we have a competition club. The club competes at least 3xs a year in a various competitions.  For 2022 season, we are hosting our first ever online placement test. The test will consist of 4 workouts that will have specific dates to be completed by. Want to test your fitness, but not part of the club. Great news!  We are opening this up to anyone in the gym who would like to test themselves and see how they rank up.  Worried about the workouts no need to worry to options will be available in both RX and Scaled.  Worried about it interferring with our programming.  It won't.  It's only one workout per month. 

This will be an online video submission event.

Workout 1 will be release on September 29.  All scores and video will be submitted by Monday, October 4th, 8 pm.

Workout 2 will be released October 27th at 9 am.  Scores and video must be submitted by November 1st, 8th.

Workout 3 will be released November 25th and all videos will be due Monday, November 29th, 8 pm.

Workout 4 will be released December 23rd and all video score submissions must be submitted by Dec 27th, 8 pm.

Don't miss out fun test of fitness.

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