Event description

Join us at the OREsome TwoSome Throwdown 2021.

This is an event for teams of 2, mixed sex (1 male & 1 female)

We have two divisions, scaled and RX, with 12 teams in each division.

Below are some standards to give you an idea of what you may face on the day:


Pull ups
Toes to bar
Muscle Ups
Handstand Walks
24/30 inch box jumps
Double unders
Barbell 50/70kg
Dumbbell 15/22.5kg


Jumping/ assisted pull ups
Hanging knee raises
20 inch box jumps or step ups
Single unders
Barbell 35/47.25kg
Dumbbell 10/15kg

Every team is guaranteed 4 workouts across the day.

No qualifiers, just sign up and turn up.

See you there!!