Event description

To celebrate Wiser1 CrossFit's 10th year Anniversary, we bring to you 'FITTEST IN THE WEST'.

A same sex pairs competion programmed by Alex Felagai and Brandon Swan for athletes of all levels to compete in their respective divisions.


The following standards are a guide, to help you choose which division to compete in. 

Rx Male Pairs

Snatch 50kg - C&J 60kg - Thrusters 50kg - O/H Squats 50kg

Bar Muscle Ups - C2B Pull ups - T2B - Handstand walks  Handstand Push Ups - Double Unders - Box Jumps 24inch

Sandbag 150lb - Dumbells 22.5kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Rx Female Pairs

Snatch 35kg - C&J 50kg - Thrusters 35kg - O/H Squats 35kg

Bar Muscle Ups - C2B Pull Ups - T2B - Handstand Walks Handstand Push Ups - Double Unders - Box Jumps 20inch 

Sandbag 100lb - Dumbells 15kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Intermediate Male Pairs

Snatch 45kg - C&J 55kg - Thrusters 40kg - O/H Squats 40kg

Pull ups - T2B - Double unders - Box Jumps 24inch - Push Ups

Sandbag 100lb - Dumbells 15kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Intermediate Female Pairs

Snatch 30kg - C&J 40kg - Thrusters 30kg - O/H Squats 30kg

Pull ups - T2B - Double Unders - Box Jumps 20inch - Push Ups

Sandbag 75lb - Dumbells 10kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Rookie Male Pairs

Snatch 30kg, C&J 40kg, Thrusters 30kg - Front Squat 30kg

Ring Rows - Leg Raises - Single Skips - Box Step Ups 24inch

Sandbag 75lb - Dumbells 12.5kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Rookie Female Pairs

Snatch 20kg - C&J 35kg - Thrusters 20kg - Front Squat 20kg

Ring Rows - Leg Raises - Single Skip - Box Step Ups 20inch

Sandbag 45lb - Dumbells 7kg - Run - Row - Burpee

Workout Release

Videos will be provided and released for each workout a week before comp day, to enable athletes to understand the flow, loading and movement standards for all events.


Top 3 finishes from all divisions at the completion of the competition, will recieve prize packs.


Each pair registers under a specific division. Pairs must register their team name and individual names and affiliated/unafilliated. Athletes must check the standards before entering into a division. Pairs may switch divisions if there is space availble. Waivers are part of the registration process and all pairs must complete a waiver before competing.

The heat schedule will be posted October 13th, the cost per pair is $160. This is non-refundable but can be transfered to a new pair up to 48 hours prior to the competition.