Event description

Rx = as prescribed 

Scaled = Scale or modify accordingly! Just do your best. This division is eligible for all raffle prizes and registration prizes

THIS WORKOUT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY XENDURANCE - SUPPLEMENTS FOR EVERY LIFESTYLE! After signing up, you will receive a discount code for $10 off any purchase via email

The Zelos Games was created for the sport of fitness to bring more earnings to athletes and entertainment to fans.

This October will be a 3-part open-style competition with individual workout cash prizes and an overall cash prize for both males and females.

It will be $19.99 to compete in each workout with the potential to earn $2000 for each individual workout, and $4000 for the overall win. A portion of all proceeds will go to Mayhem Missions to support their upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua.

*This registration is for Workout 0.2

Contestants outside of the top 10 will be eligible for a plethora of awesome raffle prizes!

Additionally, the top 3 Affiliates that have the most sign-ups will receive $1,000, $500 and $250 (plus bragging rights)

*see below for full details on prizes

WORKOUT 0.1 can be submitted - 10/4/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/10/21 11:59PM EST

WORKOUT 0.2 can be submitted - 10/11/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/17/21 11:59PM EST

WORKOUT 0.3 and 0.4 can be submitted - 10/18/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/24/21 11:59PM EST



  • Individual Workouts 1, 2 and 3:

1st Place: $2000

2nd Place: $1500

3rd Place: $1000

4th Place: $750

5th Place: $500

6th Place: $400

7th Place: $300

8th Place: $200

9th Place: $100

10th Place: $50

  • Overall Winners:

1st Place: $4000

2nd Place: $3000

3rd Place: $2000

4th Place: $1500

5th Place: $1000

6th Place: $750

7th Place: $500

8th Place: $400

9th Place: $300

10th Place: $200

*all prize money will be awarded following the entire 3-part series.


1. Tru Grit Fitness $3,000 Home Gym Starter Set 

2. Tru Grit Fitness $1,500 Barbell Start Set

3. Tru Grit Fitness $500 Gift Card

4. $500 Xendurance gift card

5.  $250 Mayhem gift card

6. $250 Mayhem gift card

7. $250 Mayhem gift card

8. $250 Mayhem gift card

9. $250 Buffalo Brew gift card

10. $250 Reebok Gift Card

11. $200 Reebok Gift Card

12. $150 Reebok Gift Card

13. $100 Fitaid gift card

14. $100 Fitaid gift card

15. $100 Fitaid gift card

16. $100 Fitaid gift card

17. $100 Fitaid gift card

18. $100 Toe Spacer gift card

19. $100 Toe Spacer gift card

20. $50 Toe Spacer gift card

21. RXSG EVO G2 ($150.00) 

22. RXSG Backpack ($29.99)

23. RXSG Blender Bottle ($9.99) 

24. RXSG Towel ($9.99) 

25. RXSG Grips of choice ($50.00)

26. 1 Grit Stick Bundle by PURE GRIT FITNESS ($48.99)

27. 1 Grit Stick Bundle by PURE GRIT FITNESS ($48.99)

28. 1 Grit Stick Bundle by PURE GRIT FITNESS ($48.99)

29. 1 Grit Stick Bundle by PURE GRIT FITNESS ($48.99)

30. 1 Grit Stick Bundle by PURE GRIT FITNESS ($48.99)

  • Signing up is 1 entry (up to 3 signups)
  • Sharing your registration email onto your Instagram story and tagging us is 1 entry (up to 3)
  • Posting a clip of your workout video to Instagram Grid and tagging @zelosgames #thezgames #zelosgames is 1 entry (up to 3)
  • Posting a clip of your workout video to Instagram Story and tagging @zelosgames #thezgames #zelosgames is 1 entry (up to 3)
    • Total entries: 12

*The raffle will be done the week following the last workout and winners will be announced by Monday, 11/1/21


1st Place: $1000 + 3 Month of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free 

2nd Place: $500 + 3 Month of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free 

3rd Place: $250 + 3 Month of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free 

*raffles and affiliate winnings will be awarded based on participation during the entirety of the 3-part series and will be awarded following the entire series.


1. How do I sign up for The Zelos Games?

Go back to the event page and register by filling out your information and paying the $19.99 entry fee!

2. How many people will win money?

Top 10 males and females for each individual event and the overall of the 3 total events will win a cash prize. Anyone outside of the top 10 is eligible for raffle prizes.

3. If I’m not an “elite” level athlete (yet), what’s in it for me?

Great question! Well aside from the internal reward of your hard work, we currently have 25 raffle prizes valued at about 10K, and each registration provides you with close to $100 on value from discounts and giveaways from our sponsors. Either way, there is something to be won for almost anyone! 

4. What if I didn't submit my video and I win the top 10?

We will reach out to you and ask you to submit your video via a YouTube link to us once we finalize the top contestants. The video must follow the guidelines and clearly show that it was done within the time frame of the challenge (along with all the other workout standards).

5. How will scoring work?

We will use the scoring system from the Open, which is 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc – lowest points wins the overall.

6. Will there be other divisions like age groups or Rx, Scaled, etc?

Our original mission is to create more earning opportunities for athletes and entertainment for the fans. Ultimately, the prize money comes from sponsorships and registration fees, so if The Zelos Games is able to grow in a way that allows us to extend our competitions to other divisions that also have cash prizes, we will definitely do so. We will always be as transparent as possible about our growth and the future of the online competitions within our platform, so keep signing up to compete and we will reach those goals sooner!

7. I'm interested in sponsoring the next workout or series of competitions. Who can I reach out to?

We're grateful you want to be a part of what we're building! Shoot an email to info@thezelosgames and we'll get ya taken care of from there.

8. When will the prize money be paid out?

Considering the volume of workouts we have to review in order to establish the top 10, payouts will be made 2 weeks following the end date of the competition. We must receive a completed 1099 form in order to submit any payouts to the individual.

9. When will the raffle winners be announced and receive their prize?

Since the raffles is done as a cumulative from all 3 workouts submissions, this will be announced 1 week following the competition! Prizes will be sent via email or USPS within 24 hours after the announcement.

10. Will there be more competitions in the future?

Yes! We plan to learn as much as we can from this first series of workouts, go back to the drawing board, and publish a season for 2022 by December.

11. Will the prize money ever go up?

Absolutely! We want to further legitimize the sport by increasing the earning potential. As the % of contestants and media engagement with our competitions increase, so will the prize money.

12. Is there a way to hide my score/time if I want to submit it right away? (as opposed to waiting until the last minute so people can't try and beat your score/time)

Yep! Just click the button to hide your score when you submit it on Competition Corner