Clash of the Clans Online Seeding Event

Event description

Highland Games meets fitness racing. Clash of the Clans is a 4-person team (Clan), 2 male and 2 female, fitness racing competition established in 2019.

For 2022 we have removed the age limits to make the event even more accessible and turn the competition up a notch. We’ve also created more space and can accept 100 teams creating one of the UK’s largest competitions.

We have removed the rx and scaled categories and created 4 divisions - Culloden, Bannockburn, Flodden and Roslin, emulating 4 iconic Clan Battles. This means more competition and more chances to win within each division.

Teams will compete in 2 online seeding workouts (1 individual & 1 whole clan) to earn their place in the respective division. Clans will then be invited to accept a place at the annual Clash of the Clans - Clan Battle 2022.

Workouts will be released on 14/05/2022 to be completed by 04/06/2022. The seeding leaderboard will be hidden until seeding submissions have closed, seeding results released no later than 04/07/2022.

Clash of the Clans - Clan Battle 2022 will take place over 2 days on 30/31st July 2022 where all categories will compete on both days.

Substitutes can be made, however subbed athletes must complete individual seeding workout as a minimum if subbing after 04/06/2022 which will count for team scoring based on efforts. This must be completed before 24/07/2022 and may move the team to new division dependent on score.

Online Seeding Event - £15 per athlete = £60 per team

Registration for the Clan Battle will open once seeding scores have been released and your team will be invited to enter the relevant division. 

2 Day Clan Battle - £60 per athlete (includes entry to Energy Festival) = £240 per team.