Olympian Throwdown: ATHENA

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Olympian Throwdown presents... 

For the month of June, The Olympian Throwdown brings you the ATHENA: The Wise Ol' Owl

Registration for ATHENA will be live up until June 27th

Warriors of Fitness who commit to taking on Athena will have up until June 27th, 11:59pm PST to complete the throwdown and enter their scores online.

Once you sign up for Athena, you'll be able to select your division (IMMORTAL, DEMIGOD, and MORTAL)

Top 3 placers within each division will receive awards ranging from 4-packs of FitAID to CASH $$$.

To place within the top 3 within any division, you MUST  submit a video of your performance via YouTube that meet the Competition Corner video submission standards for it to be verified.

When you commit you'll also be asked to select your t-shirt size for your limited edition, Athena Olympian Throwdown t-shirt which is included with your registration.  

For all other details, go to: