Saturday Smash-Down: Triple Threat Edition

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Saturday Smash-Down is a competition designed for affiliates to come together and enjoy friendly competition, food and fun in the Ventura sun!
There will be two events for MOD and RX'd divisions, and a surprise event/floater during the course of 6 hours.
Each edition will vary in terms of team sizes and dynamics.
This edition will be same-sex teams of 3.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Event 1: For 3 accumulated times- 25 Cal Assault Bike sprint **Immediately into Event 2: 25 meter sled push 25 meter farmer carry (70/53) 25 meter backpack sled pull 25 meter log carry 25 meter stationary sled drag. Athlete 1 will complete the assault bike sprint (Event 1) immediately into Event 2. Athlete 2 will complete Event 1, immediately into Event 2, in backwards order, then athlete 3 will complete Event 1, immediately into Event 2, but in the same order as Athlete 1. One person will be working at a time.