Event description

After 9 years, The Bacon Beatdown has evolved into The Atlantic Coast Classic. It is a massive community and athlete focused functional fitness competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Individuals and Teams of Three (same-sex)

Beginners and Kids compete on Friday.

Intermediates, Teens, Masters, Grandmasters, Rx, and Elites compete on Saturday AND Sunday, including a beach workout on Sunday morning.

The most current information and news: @atlanticcoastclassic on Instagram or Facebook

Old wods, standards, etc -- TheBaconBeatdown.com


  • Refund Policy:
  • These are No-Questions-Asked refund amounts
  • Before March 1st: 90% Refund
    Before April 1st: 50% Refund
    Before May 1st: 25% Refund
    After May 1st: No Refunds
  • Insurance (that refunds at 100% through a third-party company) is available at check-out which covers injuries, work issues, deaths in the family, etc up to the date of the competition. Please get this if you think you may have an issue.
  • Our goal is to be good people while still being fair to our business..negotiating refunds is easily one of the worst parts of running these events, (for us and for the refundees) so our goal is to eliminate that and make it very clear and simple.
  • Teammate subs/changes are allowed up to the day of competition.
  • Division swaps will be accommodated if there is room in the destination division
  • Workouts are released every Friday the 6 weeks leading up to the event.