NSK Throwdown

Event description

The NSK Throwdown is an official Dutch Student Championship, and the first one ever organised in The Netherlands on the initiative of S.C.A. Fortis (Tilburg).

This is a throwdown for teams that consist of two atletes, both studying at a Dutch HBO or WO institute. 

The event will take place on September 3 in the Maaspoort in Den Bosch. It is an event for and by students of University and HBO. There are two categories.
M/M & F/F Scaled
MM & FF advanced.


Scaled: (M/M & F/F)

You have never done a competition before at any level. You are new to the Olympic lifts, and can't do kipping pull-ups yet. Scaled WODs will include for example single unders, ring rows, knee raises and a workout weight up to 40/25 kg for Olympic lifting.


Advanced: (M/M & F/F)

You have more experience than a regular scaled competitor. You know the Olympic lifts, and can for example do kipping pull-ups. Advanced WODs will include elements such as double unders*, pull-ups, toes to bar, and a workout weight of 60/40 kg for Olympic lifts, but those WODs will not include advanced gymnastics such as muscle ups or HSPU.

*=If you are not able to do DU, you are allowed to do SU (numbers of reps times 3).