Event description

Why Compete in the Guardian Games?

Proceeds from the 2021 Guardian Games will go to Local Faternal Order of Police 133 to aid in their community minded mission "Shop With A Cop". Last year FOP #133 sponsored nearly 85 underprivileged children.
During this event, local children shopped for clothing and toys while interacting with Lebanon police officers and developing friendships that will last for many years.


Athlete Standards

RX Team athletes should have been invited to the CrossFit Games Quarter Finals or can compete at an equilivent level. 


Scaled Team athletes should be able to participate in regular Crossfit classes and have proficency in the exercises/movement patterns of the snatch, Clean and Jerk, 7/5 Pull Ups, 3/1 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 5 Unbroken Toes To Bar, box jumps 24"/20"


Competition Events 

The 2021 Guardian Games will be formatted as a "Cannon Ball" event. The 2021 GG Events will be released starting July 4th and every Sunday following in July. 



Team Fees will be refunded until September 1st. After that team fees will not be runded to participating teams as the heats will be set. 


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