Event description

Welcome to the F13 Triple Threat Throwdown.

Teams of 3, same sex. M/M/M or F/F/F, Scaled, Intermediat and RX Divisions.

4 Workouts, athlete check in begins at 7 am, with athlete meeting at 8:30 AM and heat 1 starting at 9 AM!

Rx Division - Anything is fair game.

At least one person on each team should be able to complete both ring and/or bar muslce ups, strict and/or kipping HSPU.

If you've ever seen a movement in the CF Open it could show up.

Intermediate Division - At least one person on each team needs to be able to complete Pull Ups (small sets of c2b pull ups) Toes To Bar, Double Unders, Box jump 24/20, Snatch/Thruster 115/75, Sandbags 100/70, Wall Walks. Clean and Jerk max of 185/135. All atheltes will not have to perform all of the movements above but have someone on the team that can.

Scaled Division - Ring Rows, Single Unders, Thruster/Power Snatch/OHS 95/65, hand release push ups, box step up 24/20, Clean and Jerk 1 RM 135/95. Again 1 person on each team needs to be able to perform the movement for the team. 


Once we have 10 teams signed up we will release the first workout and we release one workout every 5 teams after that. We will cap the event at 30 total teams no matter what division they are in.

If there are any questions please message F13 Performance throught socail media or email f13performance@gmail.com