Event description

The Proven Fitness Competition gives CrossFit Athletes their chance to challenge themselves, have fun showing off their hard work and have a great time with their friends and community. 

This is an Indoor Competition within our 5,000sf facility.

Saturday September 25th 7:00am-6:00pm 

@ CrossFit Canvas, 4123 Challenger Way, Caldwell, Idaho 83646

The format for this competition will be 2 person, same gender teams. (M/M)(F/F)

$189/Team + Competition shirts Included!! *Register before September 1st to be guaranteed T-Shirt.

We'll have a RX division and a Intermediate/Scaled Division Guaranteed (4) Workouts! Top 4 RX Men's & Women's Teams make the Final (5th) Workout.

Prizes Up for Grabs!! Not Included Sponsorship Items added to prize packages for Podium Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for RX & Scaled Teams)

Men’s & Women’s Rx (1st $1,000/Cash)

Men’s & Women’s Scaled 1st $350/Cash)

Added 1st place RX Team Event Wins: $100/Cash 

Check out the Workout Below!!

Event #1 & 2
“Heavy Hitter”

6 Minutes to Establish 

*Teams are allowed to pre-load bar to first attempt weight, Not allowed to lift until start of 6min window.

 1 Rep Max Clean (Power or Squat Clean are Allowed, as many attempt allowed as team would like in 6 Minute Window, as long bar starts moving before clock times out at 6:00min athlete may finish Clean attempt. 

 Score = Team Total Weight Combined of heaviest 1RM each partner.

2 Min Reset & then directly into Event #2

*Athletes are responsible for Loading Deadlift weight onto bar for Event #2!   “No Time to Die”

For Time: 



Synchro Burpee Over Bar 

RX: 225/155

Scale:  185/125

*9 Min Cap

Workout Notes: *Split Deadlift Reps as you like between partners, must tag out when switching which athlete is deadlifting, once 30 Deadlift reps are completed total as a team, athlete #2 may join athlete #1 on opposite sides of bar, parallel to bar, both athletes must have full prone bodies in contact with ground before RX: Jumping (Forward or Lateral hops are allowed, both feet must simultaneously leave the ground) Scaled Athletes are allowed to step over the barbell. After 30 total Synchro burpee's are performed as a team, 1 athlete may stay to start the round of (20), athlete #2 must leave box before athlete #1 can start deadlifting. Score time ends at the completion of of (10th) Synchro burpee when both athletes Jump or Step over bar to opposite sides of bar.

Event #3

"Quadzilla 100"

For Time:

 100 Box Jump Overs 

 100 SA DB Hang Power Snatch

 100/80 Calorie Assault Bike 

*12 Minute Time Cap

RX: 24/20in Box, 50/35lb DB

Scaled: 20in Box Step Overs, 35/20lb DB


Workout Notes: *Split Reps as you like with your Partner, Must Complete 100 Box Jump Overs *(Example: Athlete #1 Completes 50 Reps, Athlete #2 Completes 50 Reps) before moving to Dumbbell Snatches, then Assault Bike Calories to Finish. Athletes must tag out when switching during workout, movement Reps do not need to be split evenly between partners, athlete #1 may complete more work than athlete #2! Time score will stop when team completes final 100/80 Calories on Assault Bike. 


Event #4 "Mother Thruster"

10 Minute AMRAP (Reps)

50 Double Unders 

B.B. Thrusters


Adding +6 Thrusters each round until Time

RX: Double Unders, 95/65lbs

Scale: 75/45lbs, (50) Plate Jumps to 45lb Plate Instead of Single Jump Ropes (Both Feet jumping at same time on and off plate = 1 Rep, team must complete (50) total plate jumps, May split up Reps between partners as you like for both movements. 

*Split Reps as needed between Partners

Workout Notes: On the countdown of 3..2..1: Athlete #1 Will begin Double Unders for RX, or Plate Jumps onto (45lb) Plate for Scaled, team must complete (50) total reps before moving to (6) total Barbell Thrusters as a team, partners must tag out when switching, Round 2 begins again with (50) Doubles or Plates Jumps, then (12) total Thrusters, each round increasing only Thruster Reps by +6. The first Rep of Thruster May begin with a squat clean.

Event #5 (Final)
“Hang On”

***(Only Top 4 Men's & Women's RX Teams will move on to compete in final Workout!

"Hang On" (RX Teams Final Workout)

Every 3:00 Minutes x3 Rounds 

Rest :30sec between rounds 


24 Pull Ups 

24 Toes to Bar 


Max Calorie Row with remaining Time

Score = Total Calories Combined for 3 Rounds

Workout Notes: Split reps as you like, One Works, One Rests.

Must complete 24 Pull Ups before moving to 24 Toes to Bar, partners must tag out when switching, Athlete must start final pull on rower before beep of timer at end of each round, 2 Calorie Penalty will be assessed for athletes leaving Box before tagging to switch. Athletes must reset Rower between rounds.


5:30am Doors Open/ Vendor Set Up

6:00am Team Captains Athlete Check In

7:00am - 7:45am Athlete & Judges Briefing

8:00am Workout #1 Heat #1 Start Time

6:00PM Podium & Raffle Package Estimated Finish Time

Come prepared. Bring whatever food and beverages you need to stay fueled and hydrated during the day, and any supportive equipment you may need (ie belts, hand protection). Also, bring something to stay cool (like tents and chairs), the competition will be inside but open to the outdoors.

No refunds. We get it that stuff happens but we will not be able to issue any refunds once a registration is made.
**unless the competition does not take place and is cancelled we will issue refunds to all registered teams.
You can transfer a registration and substitute any athlete up to the day of the competition. 

Spectators are allowed.

Any Questions about event may be directed to Competition Director Jon Williams (208-899-7649) or crossfitcanvas@gmail.com