WODProof Rowing Challenge - for RX and RX Adaptive

Event description

Welcome to the 3rd WODProof Rowing Challenge (WPRC).

Individual & Teams rowing online challenge for RX & RX Adaptive athletes!

*This is the first time ever that we'll have another 3 sub-divisions for:
Adaptive Seated, Upper extremity, and lower extremity. The 


* WODProof is a FREE app.

*By registering as an individual you can compete as a team member as well with no additional fees.

You CAN register and compete with ANY concept2 rower (PM3, PM4, PM5).

3 week challenge, 5 rowing workouts total.



Cash prizes (3rd, 2nd, 1st places Individuals win $100/$200/$300).

In addition: The top 3 athletes in each workout win 500/400/300 WODProof coins (RX & Adaptive).

The adaptive division athletes will not have a cash prize as we have added the adaptive division after the event was announced.

We've added this division after our community member reached out to us and asked if we will allow the adaptive athletes to join - we did our best and hope that you'll show us that you want to become part of our WPRC now, so in the future, we will have also cash prizes for this new division. Thank you for the opportunity and we hope to see as many of the adaptive athletes' community join.

Teams winners:

Win a Lifetime Coach package to build a team with up to 20 members.

In addition: Each team member of the top 3 teams in each workout wins 300/200/100 WODProof coins.

If you have a PM5 monitor, you can use WODProof's new revolutionary feature and get 7-day free trial by clicking here.


By registering for the WPRC, you can compete as an individual AND join up with a friend to compete together as a team (Teams of 2, MM or FF), based on your individual scores.

Our mission is to allow you to enjoy the excitement of competing again, by connecting you with rowers around the world. WODProof provides a virtual platform that offers the closest possible feel to live, on-site competition. This app enables you to record your performance, complete with real-time monitoring, from your C2 rower. WODProof’s new revolutionary feature allows you to livestream the calories, meters and pace from your C2 PM5 monitor to the video in real time (wireless, no cables are needed). 


The worldwide WODProof community is welcome to start using this new feature now, and to begin a 7-day free trial. This new feature is supported by any PM5 monitor (Rower/Ski Erg/Bike Erg).

Click here for a 7-day free trial

PM5 firmware update link  


Workout release dates (All times Eastern Daylight Time):

Week 1, Workouts 1 & 2:

  • Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/01/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/08/2021.

Week 2, Workouts 3 & 4:

  • Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/08/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/15/2021.

Week 3, Workout 5:

  • Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/15/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/22/2021.


WODProof Rowing Challenge Rulebook:

The WPRC is a worldwide virtual rowing community event debuting a new feature provided by the WODProof app. This rulebook governs all aspects of registration and competition.

Each week’s workout(s) will be released each Thursday at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EST) during the challenge. Athletes will have until the following Thursday at 12:00 PM (EST) to complete and submit their workouts. 

The workouts will be released on the following Thursdays:

Week 1, Workouts 1 & 2:

Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/01/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/08/2021.

Week 2, Workouts 3 & 4:

Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/08/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/15/2021.

Week 3, Workout 5:

Thursday 12:00 PM EST, 07/15/2021, due Thursday 12:00 PM, 07/22/2021.

Athletes will submit their scores in each workout by its corresponding due date on the WPRC page on Competition Corner. Athletes are permitted to submit multiple attempts as long as the attempts are submitted before the workout's submission date.

Each submission must contain a WODProof timestamp.

Record your workout easily with a Timestamp watch video

To make sure we know that your specific C2 device is connected with your WODProof app, after the workout ends, show that the stats on the rower screen are the same stats as displayed on WODProof app. as in this video.

Registration and certification:

All entry fees are non-refundable once entered.

By signing up for the WPRC, athletes certify that they're in compliance with WPRC’s Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement.

I acknowledge that I am participating in the activity outlined by this virtual event by my own free will and at my own personal risk. I will not participate in this virtual event unless I am medically able and properly trained. By my signature, I certify that I am medically able to perform this event, am in good health, and am properly trained. 

I assume all risk of personal injury, sickness, or death, and damage to or loss of my belongings and property, and any and all other delay, inconvenience, damage, loss or other expenses I may suffer as a result of or in connection with the WPRC event. I agree to be fully responsible for my actions. I assume responsibility for my safety and that of others, including injuries, property damage and harm, to the fullest extent possible and regardless of the acts or omissions of others. 

Athlete Divisions:

Video evidence may be requested from top athletes.

Athletes can form teams. Teams can form teams of two. The team format will be of the same gender. 

This competition is scored individually, according to gender. 

Concept2 (PM5) Indoor Rowers must be used according to the WODPROOF app’s instructions. Competitors may use the damper setting of their choice. 

Leaderboard and Scoring Validation:

Once the score submission period has closed, no workout scores may be entered. There will be no exceptions.

Individual athletes will be ranked in each event. Scoring will be based on an athlete’s relative rank, that is their rank when compared to the performance of other athletes.

Ties will not be broken for single event results. More than one athlete can share an event ranking, and each will earn the original point value. The athlete with the top score across multiple events in a category wins that category.

These points will be used to rank the athletes and teams on the leaderboard. Ties on the overall leaderboard will be broken by awarding the best position to the athlete who has the highest result in any single event. If athletes remain tied after this first tiebreaker, the process continues to their next highest single result, and so forth.

The competition will only count full second results. Tenth of a second results will not count for the sake of the competition.

For example, a time of 1:29.5 - 1:29.9 will be listed on the leaderboard as 1:30.

a time of 1:29.0 - 1:29.4 will be listed on the leaderboard as 1:29