CFE In House Throw Down

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Annual In House Throw Down and CFE's 6 year anniversary! This is for CFE members only.

Partner Style Comp: Teams of 2. Workouts will be designed for any team of 2. Co-Ed or Same Sex.

Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 Teams

We want EVERYONE to participant in this fun Throw Down! Last year was a ton of fun, epic team names, and outfits to go with it! 

**All proceeds go directly back to the gym***

Registrations will include a Throw Down T-Shirt for each person
$80 per team. Must register by June 1st

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Workout No. 1 “Free Range” For Time: 4 Rnds: 100ft Sprint 6 Deadlifts 205/125lbs 100ft Sprint 400m Team Run 4 Rnds: 100ft Sprint 6 Deadlifts 205/125lbs 100ft Sprint Notes: * Teams will alternate athletes during the sprints and deadlifts, and essential each athlete will complete the 4 rounds as you go, I go (2 each per section and 4 total per workout). * Teams will run the 400m team run together. Teams may not start the last 4 rounds of sprints and deadlifts until both athletes are back from the run. *Co-Ed teams will have 2 barbells. * Traditional Deadlifts, no sumo. * Time Cap is 12 minutes. * Score = Time

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP in 12 Minutes : 15 Box Step Ups 24/20” 25ft Burpee Broad Jump 15 Hanging Knee Raise 25ft Burpee Broad Jump *While one Athlete is working on the AMRAP, other Athlete is holding a 24/16kg KB bell up, on chest, with 2 hands on the KB at all times. Notes: * Perform workout with Athlete 1 performing 1 complete round, then switching out with Athlete 2 who will perform a complete round before switching with Athlete 1 again. Continue “You go, I go” pattern until AMRAP is complete. * Athlete may not be working on the AMRAP unless their partner is holding the KB. Athlete holding the KB may rest whenever but workout may not continue until the KB is back in correct position. * Box Step Ups: Athlete must step up onto the top of the box (with either foot), show control on top of the box and come to full extension of the body. Athlete must step down from the top of the box (with either foot), jumping down or up onto the box will be a no-rep. * Burpee Broad Jump: Athlete will start from a standing position and drop to the ground with their chest touching the ground. The athlete will then perform a broad jump to begin the next rep. Both feet must pass the 25ft mark each time on the Athletes last rep of the 25ft. There is not min or max distance on the broad jump, however both feet must leave the ground and a jump of whatever distance athlete wants is required. Each 25ft distance will have a possible of 2 reps, a cone will be placed half way for 1 point. The burpees will begin where the feet land. * Hanging Knee Raise: Athlete will hang from the pull-up bar with body at full extension. The athlete will then raise their knees above their hip crease. Both feet must be behind the plane of the pull-up rig and body back in full extension before the next rep may begin. * KB Hold: Athlete will hold the KB with the bell up on their chest. Both hands must be on the KB, and workout may not continue/begin unless the KB is held in this position. * Score = Total Reps

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

3A: AMRAP in 10 Minutes: 7/5 AAB Cals 6* Thrusters ** * Increase the number of thrusters by 2 each round ** Team will choose the weight for the thrusters for 3B Score

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

3B: BB Load completed in 3A Score = Number of Thrusters x Weight on Barbell

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

3C: Establish a max load for the team 2RM Hang Power Clean