Event description

Imagine this, your 10 best athletes, all competing against other gyms. All of your members on the sidelines screaming for their gym. Your whole gym in the same coloured shirts/outfits. Its like school houses all over again. That’s my vision of this event.

Teams of 10 people from each gym will compete to beat other boxes in more than 20 tests comprised of weightlifting 1RM’s, Max Effort Gymnastics and a wide range of simple and complex workouts.

My idea for this competition came from having some people within my gym who were amazing at certain movements but would never have the array of skills to allow them compete. Guys with massive bench press numbers but they couldn’t snatch well, super fit runners who couldn’t lift and so on. I wanted to create something where they could shine. Sure, well rounded athlete’s will still do well but its about finding the right people from your gym for each event.

We recently ran a similar format for our Charity championship and having the teams all together, supporting each other and getting through workouts together was something special to watch. I believe it will be one of the best community building things not only for your gym, but for our wider gym community.

The Competition will be $750 per team of 10 so $75 per member with $7500 going to the winning team.