Vintage 5K Day 2021

Event description

The Vintage 5K Day is the second evolution. This is an in-person partner team mini-competition. Teams of 2 (MM/FF/MF) will complete 3 events for 4 scores within 90 minutes. 

The event will have staggered start times to allow for spacing.

Event registration includes two shirts per team.

Winners and prizes will be announced at the after party at Memorial Trail Ice House. 

Event 1 - Rx

AMRAP 5:00

Max reps handstand pushups. Partners must switch every 5 reps. One partner must hold a handstand while the other performs their five handstand push ups. 

Score is total HSPU completed.

Event 1 - Scaled

AMRAP 5:00

Max reps plate push ups. Partners must switch every 5 reps. One partner must hold a high plank on their plate while the other performs their five plate push ups. 

Event 2

Dumbbell DT

AMRAP 7:00

12 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts

9 Double Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

6 Double Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead

The working partner must switch every movement: Partner 1 completes all 12 deadlifts, Partner 2 completes all 9 hang power cleans, Partner 1 completes all 6 shoulder to overhead, Partner 2 completes all 12 deadlifts, etc.

Rx Men: 50x2

Rx Women: 35x2

Scaled Men: 35x2

Scaled Women: 20x2


Event 3&4

Triple 5's

For Time:

Bike 5,000m

500 Double Unders (Scaled = Single Unders)

Run 5,000m

Partner must switch every 1250m on the bike.

Double Unders may be split any way with no minimum work requirement.

The run will be performed as 5x1000m laps. Partner must alternate laps. Both partners will run the fifth lap.

The time to complete the 5,000m Bike is a separate score. The overall event time is a second scored event.