Event description

This is a Local Comp specifically for you Masters Athletes who want to Have fun, Have a great workout, and be able to express your abilities in either an RX or Scaled Capacity.

This is for Teams of 2, Must be 35 or more by the end of the Calendar 2021 and your team must combine to the age of 80 or more by the end of the Calendar year. 

We strive to be Fun, Fair, On time, and provide a memorable experience with a nod to the music, culture, from the 80's 90's and dare I now say the 2000's.   

Workouts are released!!!!


There are No refunds, but in the event of any pandemic forced closures, we will commit to a solid reschedule and or minimum partial refund (in case print jobs have already been done which eats into our costs).  Substitutes will be ok up untill the day of the event but we may NOT be able to accomodate T-Shirts if the substitution is made before the T-shirt/print cut off date.

Comp Rules for Safety and fairness will be strictly enforced.