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How many burpees can you complete in 60 minutes? 

When: Saturday, June 5, 2021


12 Labours CrossFit, located in Annapolis and Columbia, Maryland has created a movement initiative for affiliates around the globe called The Burpee Hour. It was initially programmed for a Saturday workout at the affiliate level to raise money for our favorite restaurant in town but now everyone has the ability to participate. We realized that everyone in this community loves suffering together, so we thought why not something truly awful like an hour of straight burpees that takes absolutely no skill, no equipment, and no gym. After doing something like that our first thought was “Wow this post workout meal is going to be epic.” With that simple idea of a nasty workout, followed by an even more epic meal, the initiative was born. 

The only thing we are asking people to do is when the workout is over, pick your favorite local spot to eat and order takeout. The workout is free, and entering your score and seeing where you stack up in the world is free. Everyone is being affected by this pandemic, gyms and restaurants alike. We like many CrossFit Affiliates worldwide have seen incredible support from our community, and we wanted a way to extend that to our favorite local restaurants. If we have learned everything over the years, it's that CrossFitters love suffering together, and love their cheat meals. 

So grab your friends and family members to perform one of the staple movements within the CrossFit community…for an hour. Athletes that participate will have their name displayed on a community leaderboard and have the ability to filter by gender, CrossFit affiliate, age, and state, and country. 

Post up your workout, that epic cheat meal that took you 4 days the contemplate, and tag the restaurant you decided was worthy of following a workout like this. Use the hashtags #theburpeehour and #burpeesfortakeout to we can show that the CrossFit Community is here to stay, and we support small business through this difficult time.


When: Saturday, June 5, 2021

Follow us on Instagram @theburpeehour & use the hastags #theburpeehour #burpeesfortakeout to get reposted!

The event is FREE. Athletes around the globe will join to complete as many burpees as possible in 60 minutes. We encourage athletes to complete this physical feat with their CrossFit community online. Athletes can choose to start their designated workout anytime on Saturday, June 5th.

Once the workout is completed, we strongly encourage athletes to simply support local businesses by ordering takeout within their respective communities. Each CrossFit community has an opportunity to come together to support local restaurants. Work hard for your post WOD meal!


The WOD is called The Burpee Hour. Athletes will complete as many or as little burpees in 60 minutes. Your total number of repetitions completed will be added to your overall score.

Grab a partner style and complete the workout in a You Go, I Go style format if you want to scale.


Upon completion of the workout, the athletes must submit their score via Competition Corner no later than 10:00PM EST on Sunday, June 6th to see results on the leaderboard.

#theburpeehour #burpeesfortakeout