Fittest on the Frontline

Event description


FITTEST ON THE FRONTLINE Games is open to anyone that is currently or was in a badge!

All ACT/NSW current and past Prison Guards of the AMC, ACT/NSW(Qbn) Police Force employees (including Volunteers In Policing) and full time employees of government agencies with a law enforcement role. The ACT/NSW Fire & Rescue, ACT/NSW Ambulance, Australian Border Force (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), Justice NSW, APS, ACT/NSW State Emergency Service, the Sheriffs Department, ACT/NSW Rural Fire Service, Australian Federal Police (both NSW and ACT based), Nurses and Midwives Association of ACT/NSW, as well as the Australian Defence Force employees within ACT are all invited to participate.
Retired and family members (including from the ACT) from each of these agencies are also encouraged to take part.

All competitors should be doing 'some' training and be ready for a fun and all inclusive event.

There will be three events on the day which will cover a range of things like - strength, endurance, mixed modal skills.

There will be scaling options to allow all levels to take part in some way.

*Only refund option will be if we are struck by COVID again, but NOT for any other reason.

You can subsitute athletes if someone becomes sick or inured

Workouts will NOT be released prior to the event, there will be nothing you CANNOT do in some way on the day, scaling options for all to enjoy the fun!!