Event description


  • This a MOCK Quarterfinals Competition to keep the fire hot and prepare everyone for what comes next

  • 100% Free to register below

  • All are welcome to sign up

  • RX and Masters divisions (35-45, 45-55, 55+) 

  • This will play out exactly like we anticipate Quarterfinals - 6 events completed over the course of 5 days

  • Expect a strength test, a gymnastics test, a pacing/engine test, and 3 well balanced CrossFit WODs 

  • You complete WODs on YOUR TIME when you like and in the order you choose. 

  • All events will be released Wednesday at 7pm and SCORES will be due Monday by 7pm (giving extra time with Easter)

  • This will give everyone an opportunity to take a look at 6 very different WOD's and begin to strategize on WHEN and WHERE to place them, as well as dialing in recovery practices.

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A KILLER 5 days. DO NOT GET AMPED UP AND EMOTIONAL ABOUT THESE EVENTS. Treat them like normal training, with application to specifics of Quarterfinals. YOUR REAL TEST COMES NEXT WEEK!

Let's have some fun!!