Southern Rivals - The Quads

Event description

Join us on either Saturday 2nd October 2021 (scaled) or Sunday 3rd October 2021 (RX) for a mixed teams competition at CrossFit Southampton, a huge functional fitness space on the South Coast. Each team (2x male, 2x female) will take part in 3 workouts with the final 7 teams going through to the final.
Accessible to all abilities, this flagship teams event will feature a mix of fast-paced functional fitness workouts using kit you’re familiar with and an outdoor agility event with equipment you’re less familiar with! It’ll be an all-round fun filled day!
Refreshments including top quality coffee, energy drinks and snacks will be available on the day, with lunch from our friends at The Hog Shack available to pre-order
Workout demos and movement standards will be announced online in the week leading up to the competition.
Entry is £35 per person and can be purchased using the link below – places are very limited! No need to give your team names just yet, we’ll be in touch nearer the time.
Grab your team mates and get signed up! Early bird pricing until the end of March 2021 with code LETSGETSWEATY
Unsure whether to sign up to RX or Scaled?
RX athletes would need to be able to perform the following movements and weights (male/female) as a guide. This does not mean these specific movements will be featured, it’s just a guide:
Pull Ups
Thrusters 50kg/35kg
Deadlift 100kg/70kg
GTOH – 70kg/45kg
Scaled entry would be suitable for anyone unable to perform the RX standards as long as they have a basic understanding of the fundamental movements in CrossFit. An example of the types of movements and weights you’d need to be able to perform would be:
Hand Release Press Ups
Ab Mat Sit Ups
Single Unders
Jumping Pull Ups
Thrusters – 35kg/20kg
Deadlift – 70kg/50kg
GTOH – 45kg/30kg
If you have any questions regarding the RX or Scaled standards, get in touch.

If the event has to be cancelled for any reason, you'll be automatically moved to the new date. If you're unable to make this date, please get in touch.
Praise for Southern rivals
‘it was indeed an amazing day! So well organised! Great atmosphere. I’ve been thinking about it all day. Thank you so much everyone xx’ – Helen Westwood
‘Such a great day, so well programmed and run! We can’t wait for the next Southern Rivals’ – Alex Wood
‘A great day, well programmed, good consistent judging, and everyone having fun’ – Mark Nugent
‘It was sooo much fun, great day! Thank you!’ – Claire Potter
‘Had an awesome time competing. Was very well organised and ran smoothly. Amazing job to everyone who played a part!! Can’t wait for the next one’ – Lakshman Thuraisingham
‘Brilliant job guys, very tough but enjoyable WODs, very well organised and great atmosphere. Thank you to all the judges too’ – Justin Lyon
‘Thanks for having us. We had a great time and will definitely be back. Great comp!’ – Steph Wyte
‘Such a brilliant event! Hope to never hear the words ‘No Rep’ again! – Debi Leigh