Core 44 Fitness Indoor Triathlon

Event description

Core 44 Fitness Wyandotte in Columbus is hosting our first Indoor Triathlon!  We're itching to get our fitness back after Covid and our event is the perfect place to push yourself and see where your fitness is at.  


We're going to change up the standard format of the Triathlon and have the swim, bike, and run in time blocks instead of distances.  The swim will be 10 min and your score will be number of laps completed. The bike will be 15 minutes and your score will be meters traveled.  The run will be 15 minutes and your score will be meters traveled.


Perfect for all fitness levels, our Indoor Triathlon will have health and safety measures in place to ensure all machines are clean and ready for use.  The swim will take place in our indoor heated pool.  The bike will take place on Rogue Echo Bikes, and the run will take place on brand new treadmills.


Refunds are permitted on a case by case basis.