Project Mayhem

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Project Mayhem is a men’s only night, open to all men. Sorry ladies, this one is for men only. There is no spectating or media allowed at this event.

Project Mayhem, a Night to Remember
May 5th 6pm-9pm
@ Central Downtown
$50.00 per athlete

2 FOR 1 DEAL: Bring a Friend for Free 

*Make sure to add their name to the Google Doc

*add an event shirt for $10.00
Registration opens Wednesday, April 5th at 12pm

Mayhem will consist of teams of 7 with a guide. You will be able to sign up individually or with a team of 7 from your gym or community.
Each team will complete 8 tests, athletes will be given a set amount of time to complete each test.
Max Deadlift
Max Pull-ups (one attempt)
Max 2 Pood Swing
Max Yoke Walk
Bench Press
Max Tire Flip
Truck Pull
Mystery Test
*events may change or coordinate other modalities to spice things up

Each event will be scored and tabulated for overall team winners. One man will be awarded mayhem winner with best overall score. All fitness levels are welcomed.

BBQ will be provided post-event. BYOB.