Event description

Staying Driven, LLC proud to present an opportunity for all scaled adaptive athletes to be represented on a leaderboard.

Welcome to the Staying Driven Scaled Open!

It is here where YOU will be able to see where you stack up against athletes all around the world, from your respective divisions who choose to scale the given 2021 open workouts.

It is here where we will present you with a variety of scaling options; doing our best to cater to each division, different abilities and skill levels.

Everyone on this leaderboard has scaled the workouts. While we all love a good competition; remember to be kind, have patience and give it all you got!

Registration is FREE and will remain open throughout this year's competition. There will be no video submission required. You will scale the workouts to the best of your ability all while following the suggested scales provided to you for each division. We encourage you to grab a judge and input your score with the utmost honesty and integrity.

The workouts and division breakdowns will be available by 8am FRIDAY (12th, 19th and 26th)

While the adaptive representation in the sport of CrossFit is continuing to grow, we wanted to give scaled athletes the space to celebrate their progress, continue to build  community and help further define success.

See ya on the leaderboard!

- Coach Steph