FosterFit x CrossFit Stealth 30,000# Challenge

Event description

CrossFit Stealth is proud and excited to announce The FosterFit 30,000# Challenge: Stealth Team Event! This event will combine individual CrossFit Total scores into a team score, and all individual scores into a gym score. The goal is for Stealth to reach 30,000+ collective pounds: the average number of foster kids that age out of the system each year. 

Individual registration (Competition Corner, $30) and Stealth Team registration are open from now until the end of the competition on Sunday, February 28th. Please register as an individual first before forming your team. CrossFit Stealth will be programming CrossFit Total as the Workout of the Day on Monday, February 22nd. If you are unable to make it to the class that day to participate, you can complete the event and submit your workout scores for the competition from February 22-28th, 2021.

Let’s get out there and show the CrossFit community what Stealth strong looks like!

Q: Where is my donation going? 

A: Your donation will provide foster youth scholarships to attend CrossFit gyms and classes, providing them with a sense of community, normalcy, and fun through fitness!

Q: Can I donate and not participate? 

A: Yes, you can donate and not compete. See the FosterFit GoFund Me page to support their mission. 

Q: Where can I do the workouts? 

A: This is an online competition, you can do the workout at a gym or at home!

Q: How much money does it cost to participate? 

A: It costs $30 per individual (Registration). It is free to contribute your individual scores towards the Stealth gym and team totals. 

Q: Does the individual need to be signed up for the competition to contribute to the Stealth 30,000# Challenge total and/or Stealth Team totals? 

A: Yes, individuals must be signed up to contribute to the total score of their gyms and Stealth Teams.