Bodhi's Battle - CrossFit Brisbane

Event description

A joint CrossFit competition to raise funds for the owners of CrossFit Coorparoo, Trent and Alysha, and their little boy Bodhi.  One year old Bodhi has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of Mitochondrial Disease that will ultimately cost him his life. 

This is a full CrossFit Coorparoo and CrossFit Brisbane inclusive event and all fitness levels and experience are encouraged to join in. 

- Teams of 3 (M/M/M and F/F/F)
- Divisions: RX, Scaled, Modified scaled 
- Teams selected by entrants
- Cost $105 + platform fee/team
- There will be 3 WODs on the day for all teams to complete at our home gym (CrossFit Brisbane). 
- The 4th WOD will only be for the top 2-3 ranked teams in the Scaled and RX divisions from both CFC and CFB.  This will take place at CrossFit Coorparoo in the late afternoon.
- Workouts will be released progressively in the lead up to the competition.
- Workout details:
1. Medium time domain;
2. Strength for time; and
3. Short and sharp.


Choosing a division:
To help you decide if you will be doing this comp as RX or SCALED we have provided a list of the potential movements and weights that will be in the competition.

RX movements
WODs 1-3:
- Toes to bar
- Large volume barbell power snatches 35kg Male/25kg Female
- Pull ups (chin over bar)
- Deadlift 120kg Male/85kg Female
- Box jumps 24/20”
- Rowing
- Assault Bike
- Front Squats (from the ground) 60kg Male/40kg Female
- Bench press 80kg Male/45kg Female
WOD 4 (if your team qualifies):
- Possible Handstand Walk
- Rope Climbs
- Dumbbell 22.5kg Male/15kg Female movements
- Light and heavy barbells
- No muscle ups are required
- Possible sand bag over shoulders

Scaled movements
WODs 1-3
- Hanging knee raises to chest
- Large volume power snatches 25kg Male/15kg Female
- Ring rows
- Deadlift 85kg/Male 60kg Female
- Box jumps or box step up 24/20”
- Assault Bike
- Rowing
- Front Squats (from the ground) 40kg Male/30kg Female
- Bench Press 50kg Male/35kg Female
WOD 4 (if your team qualifies):
- Rope pulls from ground
- Dumbell 15kg Male/10kg Female movements
- Barbells over head 35kg Male/25kg Female
- Barbell squat (not overhead) 55kg Male/35kg Female
- Possible sand bag over shoulder

Please note if there are any movements in the scale division you cannot do, please advise Garath & Tennille and consider the Modifications division (suitable for injury and movement limitations).