RN Functional Fitness League

Event description


The aim of this event is to provide a 12 week structured workout plan for RNRM Personnel with an added competitive element which can be performed at shore or sea. It is designed to cultivate good exercise and movement habits, to workout at your own fitness standards and to cultivate an inclusive workout environment for all.

Individual entrants may use this as a kick start back into fitness and to compete in an online competition challenging their mess deck peers or departments.

The fitness league is intended to be an ongoing workout series so regardless of how you think you may or may not  perform, it will be good to look back and witness your progressioin from scaled to rx competition or from finishing in 28th place to 21st the following year for example.


This event is open to all current serving RNRM Personnel in posession of a valid ID Card.


There is no official entry fee to take part in this event but we do ask for a £5 charitable donation per Individual and £10 per team pair.

All proceeds will go towards the RNRM Sports Charity.

Entry Categories

Male & Female Individual Entry Categories

18-35 Rx

18-35 Scaled

36-50 Rx

36-50 Scaled


Team Entry Categories

Male Rx

Male Scaled

Female Rx

Female Scaled

Mixed Pair Rx

Mixed Pair Scaled

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may enter the event as an Individual and as part of a Team pair also... in fact, we actively encourage it!

Team Substitutions

You may only substitute a member of your team in exceptional circumstances once the competition has started, for the following reasons:

i). if they are officially medically downgraded and unable to participate.

ii).if they are deployed on a training course mid competition.

iii) if they are unable to complete the event due to unforeseen welfare circumstances.

In each instance, you must first contact the event organiser prior to completing the weekly workout for approval of named substitute.

Movement Standards

To assist you in deciding upon your most appropriate entry category, we have provided an exercise movement breakdown of all exercises that will be included in the competition which can be viewed on the NavyFit Social Media platforms.

Workout Equipment

All workouts have been designed to cater for Military personnel both ashore and afloat, including various kit alternatives in the unliklihood of kit non-availability.

Release of Workouts

A new workout will be released every Monday morning from 20 Sep 2021 for 12 consecutive weeks at 0600 GMT via this website platform and on the RN Navy Fit social media platforms.

The workout will include a full video of movement standards, with all scaling options specifc to gender, age, individual and team events.

Performing Your Workouts

We will provide a workout score sheet each week, which must be printed, used and signed by your workout witness to validate your use of the correct loading, measurement, movement and rep validation for the weekly workout. On completion of the workout, both athlete(s) and your judge will sign the document and upload it to the website by the Friday at 1700 GMT of the same week.

*Exceptions will only be made for late entries from Units that are deployed on operational taskings without access to WiFi.

Evidence of Workout

Finally you will also be asked to record and upload a video of your workout. Specific video requirements will be designated weekly for each event dependent upon the movement requirements and standards. You may either upload your workout direct to the website platform or via YouTube and provide a video link for evidence.


The RNRM Sports Lottery has generously donated £3,000 worth of prize funding for this event to be split across the various categories... and as always, remember, you've got to be in it, to win it!