Royal Navy Operational Fitness League

Event description


The aim of this event is to provide a 10 week structured workout plan for RNRM Personnel with an added competitive element that can be performed ashore or at sea. It is designed to cultivate good exercise and movement habits, to allow you to workout within your own fitness limitations and cultivate an inclusive workout environment for all.

Individual entrants are encouraged to use this fitness league to improve their fitness, use their fitness and prove their fitness. It can also be used as a kick start back into fitness and to compete in an online competition challenging their mess deck peers or departments.

The fitness league is intended to be an ongoing workout series so regardless of how you think you may or may not perform, it will be good to look back and witness your progression from scaled to rx competition or from finishing in 28th place to 21st the following year for example.


This event is open to all current serving full-time and reserve RNRM Personnel.


There is no entry fee for this event.

Entry Categories

Male & Female Individual Entry Categories

18-34 Rx

18-34 Scaled

35-49 Rx

34-49 Scaled

50+ Rx

50+ Scaled

Veterans - Rx

Veterans - Scaled

Team Entry Categories

Male Rx

Male Scaled

Female Rx

Female Scaled

Mixed Pair Rx

Mixed Pair Scaled

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may enter the event as an individual and as part of a Team pair also... in fact, we actively encourage it!

Team Substitutions

You may only substitute a member of your team in exceptional circumstances once the competition has started, for the following reasons:

i). If they are officially medically downgraded during the league and unable to participate.

ii). If they are deployed on an unavoidable training course mid competition.

iii) If they are unable to complete the event due to unforeseen welfare circumstances.

In each instance, you must first contact the event organiser, CPOPT Paul Ormston - prior to completing the weekly workout for approval of the named substitute.

Movement Standards

To assist you in deciding upon your most appropriate entry category, we have provided an exercise movement breakdown and strength requirements included in the competition which can be viewed on the NavyFit and RN Fitness League Social Media platforms. (@rnnavyfit @royalnavyfitnessleague).

Workout Equipment

All workouts have been designed to cater for Military personnel both ashore and afloat, including various kit alternatives in the unlikelihood of kit non-availability, or should your ship/Unit require a temporary uplift of equipment, Ships are to contact their local Regional Waterfront PT Department for assistance.

Release of Workouts

A new workout will be released every Monday morning from 20 Sep 2021 for 10 consecutive weeks at 0600 GMT. All registered athletes will receive an email notification from the competition corner website of the workout release as well as the workout videos released on the RN Navy Fit social media platforms and the @royalnavyfitnessleague Instagram page. Team workouts will be released in the same format, every fortnight from 27th Sep 2021.

All workouts will include a full video of movement standards as well as workout description, this will include  all scaling options specific to gender, age, individual and team events as well as a downloadable tick off score sheet and PDF movement standards document. For Ship's that are deployed, all workouts and supporting documentation can be made available upon request from the Ship's PT or Sports Rep to CPOPT Ormston -, this will eliminate any potential connectivity issues whilst at sea.

Performing Your Workouts

As mentioned, we will provide a workout score sheet each week, which must be printed, used and signed by your workout witness to validate your use of the correct loading, measurement, movement and rep validation for the weekly workout. On completion of the workout, both athlete(s) and your judge will sign the document and upload a screenshot of the scoresheet to the website by Sunday at 1800 GMT of the same week. Failure to do so will result in the individual receiving 0 points for this workout.

*Exceptions will only be made for late entries from Units that are deployed on operational taskings without access to WiFi. In these instances, Unit/Ship's PT's are to act as a conduit link to the event organiser confirming all scores/ completed workouts during the period of comms silence.


There is £4,700 worth of prize funding for this event to be split across the various categories... and as always, remember, you've got to be in it, to win it!


Category Winners - £100

Category 2nd Place - £50

Category 3rd Place - £25


The Ship with the largest contingent of its Ship's company that take part will also receive a £500 prize towards their ship's Welfare Fund.

In addition, Ships/ Establishments are encouraged to run their own internal Unit/Ship/Inter Part league tables and competitions for their personnel.


Free T- Shirt

All personnel that complete the full 10 week fitness league will receive a FREE RN Operational Fitness League T Shirt.