BOA Galveston - Season 6 - Challenge of The Decades

Event description

Battle of The Ages creates an event where athletes of all ages and levels can participate in a meaningful way. 

Our four person, mixed decades team concept creates a format of great strategy that draws out many first time competitors. 

Just about everyone will be on a team with someone that they have not competed with before. 

This creates a magical environment that provides long lasting memories for everyone! 

We do have scaled and RX divisions but also create our workouts so that stronger more advanced athletes can do the higher level movements and newer athletes can do the basics. 

Everyone is ready for BOA. 

Teams of four.

Divisions: Male , Female and Coed 2/2

Teams can be any combo of four different decades. That can be done two ways. 

Four different numerals in the start of the age. Ex. (20,40,50,60) 

Four different birth decades. Ex. (1970's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's.)

Teams can't be a combination of both. 

* Same Decade

All members of the team must have the first number of the age the same. 


Teens - 13, 17, 19, 18 -  Twenties - 21, 22, 27, 29 - Thirties - 30, 33, 37, 39

  • No Refunds 
  • Can substitute members at anytime up to start of event as long as age requirements are met.
  • Bring your tents and a cooler.

Test # 1 - Shuttle Run - 12 MINS

Shuttle run 15' x 30' x 15'. - There will be a cone to go around. After every shuttle run do a box over then a dumbbell ground to overhead. Add one additional rep after each shuttle run. For the first four minutes do the shuttle runs with only body weight. From four minutes to eight minutes carry dumbbell. From eight minutes to twelve minutes carry dumbbell and Kettle Bell. Athletes may not switch out during the shuttle run. Athletes may switch at anytime during the DBG2O and Box Overs. During the full 12 mins there will also be a bike to accumulating calories. Every calorie will count as a point. Every shuttle run completed will count as 10 points. You must complete a shuttle run in order to go up in reps on DBGS2O. Scoring Total Shuttle Runs x 10. 15 = 150 Total Reps - DBH2OH. 150 Bike Calories 150 Total - 450

Test # 2 Backsquat, Deadlift, Row

Min 1. Max Reps Back Squats Min 2. Max Reps DL Min 3. MRBS Min 4 MRDL Min 5 MRBS Min 6 MRDL continue for 12 Mins Athletes may switch at any time. After the min back squat two athletes must place the bar on the ground. Barbell may be dropped during DL. For the entire 12 mins accumulate max calories on the rower. Male RX - 225 COED RX - 165 Female RX - 135 Male Scaled - 165 COED Scaled - 135 Female Scaled - 95 Score Total reps on both BS and DL plus calories on rower.

Test # 3 - Gymnastics 12 Minutes

12 Mins One athlete must be hanging from the bar at all times in order for reps to count. Athlete may hang by hands only. Straps may not be used. Bar can be taped or untaped. Taping will have to be approved by host. AMRAP - Athletes may switch at any time.

20 Dubs - Scaled Singles

20 Burpees over bar

20 Strict Press

Male RX - 95 COED RX - 75 Female RX - 65 Male Scaled - 75 COED Scaled - 65 Female Scaled - 45

20' HSW - Scaled Bear Crawl Score is total reps. HSW is worth 20.

Test # 4 - Thruster Ladder - 12 Minutes

Each athlete will complete 2 thrusters per weight within a 1 minute period. This is meant to be somewhat of a speed ladder. A thruster is a front squat to a push press. On the squat the athlete must squat until the hip crease breaks the plane of the top of the knee. Then the athlete must continue up out of the squat into a press. This is a push press and not a jerk. The lift is complete when the elbows are fully extended with the barbell directly above the head. If the athlete is unable to complete the lift but able to bring the bar to the front rack position they may attempt the lift again as long as it within the 1 min time limit. At each station, two lifts will be completed at two different weights. Once an athlete is unable to successfully complete two reps at a weight then they are eliminated from the ladder. The score will be a combined total of each athlete's final successful lift. The ladder will be set up like this. Bar 1 - 35,45 Bar 2 - 55,65 Bar 3 - 75,85 Bar 4 - 95,115 Bar 5 - 135,155 Bar 6 - 185,205 Bar 7 - 225,245 Bar 8 - 255,275 Bar 9 - 295,315 Bar 10 - 335,355 Divisions will start at different weights. Male RX 95 Coed RX 75 Female RX - 55 Male Scaled - 75 Coed Scaled - 55 Female Scaled - 35 Squat clean on the first rep is ok. Scoring example. Athlete 1 - 335 Athlete 2 - 55 Athlete 3 - 185 Athlete 4 - 255 Total score - 830