Event description

2021 Tough As Nails Comp

Divisions:  RX / Scaled 

Teams of 2:  M/M, F/F

$50 Cash Donation per person collected at check-in.


Registration Deadlines:

Last day to register: June 16th


Movements for this year: (updated 6/16/21)


Devils Press (50/35)/(35/20)

Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)/(95/65)

DL (275/185)/(185/115)

DB Power Snatch (50/35)/(35/20)

Front Squat (135/105)/(95/65)

Thruster (135/105)/(95/65)

Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)/(95/65)

TTB/Knee ups

Box Jumps/Step-ups

RX: BMU OR ?/Scaled: pull-ups OR Jumping pull-ups