Event description

Co-Ed teams of 4 mm/ff. Intermediate and RX divisions. You will have 2 1/2 hours to warm up and complete at least 3 workouts within your session. We will run sessions with 4-6 teams per session. Workouts may be completed in any order but all workouts must be finished before the end of your assingned session. Possible bonus workout off site so plan an additional 1.5 hrs. Ahahahahaha! That workout will be released before hand and you will be able to complete it any time during the day of competition. Leaderboard will be blind until the end of the competition. Workouts will be announced the day of. Don't worry, they're gonna be tough...but fair.  No refunds, you can substitute athletes up until the day of.  We're keeping this casual but honest In Regards to all the normal BS of competitions.  Simply Sign up, show up, throwdown and have a ton of fun! You will need to show up 30 mins prior to your sessions to register, get briefed on workouts and warm up.