COMPETE FOR A CAUSE (Nathan Klump by Treeline)

Event description

It is time for the CrossFit Community to step up for one of our own!!!
Nathan Klump (past member, but once a member…always a part of our family) at nearly 27 years young and incredibly fit/healthy has unexpectedly been diagnosed with Stage 4 Thymus Cancer.
Here is his story, so you have some background:
Back in July he started to have some back and nerve pain in my right leg. It was tolerable so he just kept an eye on it and tried to stretch and rest. It kept getting worse and worse to the point he was only getting an hour of sleep a night. So he went to the see a doctor who gave him anti-inflammatory drugs (assuming it was a bulging disc or some sort of muscle injury). That helped temporarily until it came back stronger. On December 8th the pain was unbearable and he went to Urgent care who referred him to get an MRI in the ER. After doing the MRI they found a tumor. So on 12/10 he got a laminectomy to remove bone in his spine and samples of the tumor to determine what type of tumor they were dealing with. Shortly after they said it was cancer and that they found a tumor in my chest as well. On 1/8 they removed most of the tumor in his chest and after testing it, determined that it was the primary source of the cancer. 

He has had two surgeries/biopsies on tumor in his chest and back. It has been diagnosed as Stage 4 Thymus cancer/Thymoma (thymus is right behind sternum) that has spread to two other spots/tumors in his spine (Lumbar and Sacreal spine) . Either way it is invasive and spreading throughout his body. He is healing up well from both surgeries and happy to be feeling pretty normal but still not able to do any strenuous activity since his lungs are still recovering from chest biopsy. 

Now it’s time for battle! Time for Treatment! His treatment will consist of Radiation, Chemotherapy and another Chest Surgery (open-heart surgery) to remove more tumor in his chest that they couldn't get from the first surgery. The sequence of the treatments is still be determined. 

Today his soon to be wife (wedding moved up to wednesday to maximize life married) and him are driving up to Seattle to begin Proton beam radiation (most advanced radiation available with reduced collateral damage and long-term side effects) to his Lumbar and Sacral tumors. He will go in for treatment everyday for the next two weeks.

We are praying the cancer responds well! And they will go from there! There are a lot of unknowns. He is very optimistic and has a lot of faith!

How are we going to help?
Finances! For him and his family to use how they need to see fit.
We are going to host a 3 day (3 workout) online "competition" where 100% of the proceeds will go to Nathan and the Klump Family!

When: Feb 22-25 (Workouts will be released at 5pm pst Feb 22 and you will have until 5pm pst Feb 25 to complete all three workouts).
Cost: 20$ to enter (100% of the entry fees and donations will be sent to the Klump Family)
Equipment Needed: 1x 50/35lb dbell and 20ft of open floor space
Prizes: We have received donations from Nike, Swoleverine, LuLuLemon, DutchBros and Renegade Baber Co. so far for the winners of the competition...with hope of more to come (if you know any businesses that would like to donate please put them in contact with us).
Divisions: One Open Division for ALL (from anywhere)


DONATION ONLY OPTION: Venmo your donation to @Justin-Ahrens with the caption “Nathan Klump” to make sure all donations are given to him directly.

We understand finances are tight and understand if you cannot participate/donate, but we want to make this fun for you and ANYONE from ANYWHERE to participate/support!

Please reach out if you have any questions.