Event description

1st Annual Be Mine Couples Event

$50 Entry For 2!

3 Divisions 





Each Division Prizes:

1st place pays out $400
2nd place pays out $300
3rd place pays out $200

Prize pay out based off of 100 entries. Pay out may vary. Official announcement of winner will be held on Tuesday at 4pm US Central (February 16th)

Podium Placement/ Video Submission 

If you want your score to count toward a chance of a podium placement you will have to provide video proof by using the WODProof app. Scores that athletes properly submit with video proof by February 13 at 9pm US Central will be reviewed by a Coach from the host ("reviewer"). The reviewer has the final say in whether the score is accepted, rejected or accepted with a penalty. Whatever the decision of the reviewer, it is final.


A Time Cap may be used for these workouts. Missed reps will be deducted from overall score. Missed reps may lead to a team being disqualified from a podium finish depending on the type of work out prescribed.The reviewer has the final say.


Adaptive athletes, or those who are uninjured and otherwise healthy, but who have a limitation that prevents them from performing any of our event movements according to standards, are welcome and may still register to PARTICIPATE rather than COMPETE. However, any rep or movement sequence not performed according to our WOD standards will not count or be added to the score. Be Mine CrossFit Couples Event is feats of strength for the rest of us, but it is a competition. Therefore, it's important that any rep and WOD sequence scores be according to uniform standards when COMPETING for a podium spot. Adaptive or otherwise healthy but limited-movement athletes should contact their specific Host directly to confirm accommodations that may be needed to facilitate PARTICIPATION. Also, athletes PARTICIPATING rather than COMPETING for podium should communicate with their judge for any WOD where additional scaling will occur so judges aren't verbally calling "No Rep!" even though they will not be counting the reps not done to standard.