The Wasatch Lift Off

Event description

The Wasatch Lift Off is a Charity event hosted to raise money for youth in the local area. 

Athletes will compete in 5 different lifts:


Bench Press


Clean & Jerk


Competitors may choose to compete in all 5 lifts, or they may pick whichever lifts they want. For Example: Any athlete may perform all 5 lifts, or only compete in the Squat, Bnech press, and deadlift, or they may only compete in the clean and jerk, or any one of the 5 lifts.

Because this is a chairity event there will be no refunds issued. All proceeds will go to youth in the local area.

Becuase there are specific weight classes, no substitutions of athletes will be allowed. 

Weight classes for men and women are as follows:

Heavyweight: 225 LBS +

Middleweight: 200 LBS-224.9 LBS

Lightweight: 175 LBS - 199.9 LBS

Super lightweight: 174.9 & Under


Heavyweight: 180 LBS +

Middleweight: 140-179.9

Lightweight: 120-139.9

Super Lightweight: 119.9 & Under


Each athlete will be given 3 attempts to lift the heaviest weight possible for each lift, once a weight has been attempted, it can not be lowered if the lift is failed.

3 judges will score each lift to determine if it is a good lift or not. 

The athlete who lifts the most weight is the winner. Winners will be per weight class, and per lift.