Foster Fit CrossFit Total (30,000# challenge)

Event description

 The Foster Fit CrossFit Total Event

  • What: CrossFit Total 30,000# Challenge 
  • Who: Anyone with a barbell!
  • When: February 22-28th
  • Where: Your gym, box, or home
  • Why: Fundraiser to provide Foster youth and teens with CrossFit Gym memberships
  • How much: $30 individuals, $0 for Gyms (total score)

Individual Competition

The Foster Fit CrossFit Total is an individual event! You can complete the event and submit your workout scores for the competition from February 22-28th, 2021. The CrossFit total is the sum of the best of each lift:

1) Back Squat

2) Shoulder Press

3) Deadlift

The athlete will perform 3 attempts at all three lifts on a 45 minute running clock (post warm-up during class). The weight must increase after each successful attempt at each movement. The weight may not be decreased after the first attempt. A failed rep does not count as an attempt. Take the Back Squat and Strict Press from the weight rack. All three scored attempts for each lift will count towards your score. See example below

Squat: 185/195/205
Strict Press: 95/100/105
Deadlift: 185/205/225
Total 1500# (submit to leaderboard)

Registration is open from now until the end of our competiton on Sunday Februrary 28th. The cost per individual is $30

Gym Competition

The Foster Fit 30,000# challenge is the Gym's total weight lifted by each individual signed up for the competition. The goal for each gym is to reach 30,000 pounds collectively, which is average number of foster kids that age out of the system each year!

See example below

Athlete A: 1500#
Athlete B: 1600#
Athlete C: 1700#
Gym Total: 4,800#


We are expecting gym owners to tally up all 9 successful attempts from each individual that participates and post to the leaderboard. Registration is open from now until the end of our competiton on Sunday Februrary 28th. The cost per gym is $0. 

Foster Fit Organization

Foster Fit is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers youth to improve overall physical health, build confidence and provide normalcy & consistency. The donations & fundraising from this competition will be used to provide CrossFit gym memberships to youth & teenagers in foster care. See below for the competition details & to read more about why of organization focuses on this mission for foster care. Donations without competing are also being accepted! 

Foster Fit GoFundMe

Children and adolescents involved with child welfare, especially those who are removed from their family of origin and placed in out-of-home care, often present with complex and serious physical, mental health, developmental, and psychosocial problems rooted in childhood adversity and trauma.

Evidence indicates that children and adolescents fare best when raised in stable homes with nurturing environments who respond to their needs and provide reasonable structure. Children and teenagers also benefit from safe and reasonable childcare, educational and neighborhood settings with exposure to normalizing activities.

In addition, overweight and obesity rates in teens have risen dramatically in recent years and teens in these weight categories are at risk for serious future health problems. Overweight and obesity are becoming more prevalent for teens in foster care. CrossFit provides an elegant and combative approach to reversing these comorbidities. CrossFit provides a consistent & nurturing community, which has proven to improve the mental and physical health of adolescent teens and adults. Foster Fit will give teens in foster care access to the same love and support that we receive from our CrossFit friends & community. 


Can I donate and not compete?
Yes, you can donate and not compete. See our GoFundMe page to support our mission.

Foster Fit GoFundMe

Where can I do the workouts? 
This is an online competition. You can do the workout at a gym or at home! 

What type of competition is Foster Fit?
The Foster Fit CrossFit Total is an individual event! You can complete the event and submit your workout scores for the competition from February 22-28th, 2021. The CrossFit total is the sum of the best of each lift:

How much money does it cost to participate?
It cost $30 for each individual to participate! For Gyms to join the 30,000# Gym leaderboard, it cost $0

Does the individual need to signed up for the competition to contribute to the Gyms 30,000# total?

Yes, the individual must be signed up to contribute to the total score of his/her gym.

Does it matter which order I do each lift?

No, do in the order you would like. However we suggest strict press first since that is typically the movement with the lowest weight followed by back squat since both are from the rack. Deadlift would be last.

How do we scale the CrossFit total event?

We are not providing scaled options for this competition. Please use a weight for each lift that you can perform safely.

Where can I submit my scores? 

Scores can be submitted directly through the competition corner platform

Where is my donation going?
Your donation will provide access to annual gym memberships to kids & teenagers in foster care. The more money raised the more foster children will find a local CrossFit gym.

How long will the competition last?
The competition will last from Feb22 - 28th, 2021. You and your gym can submit scores any time between those dates through Competition Corner Platform.

How can I make sure I am adhering to the standards? 
Our standards are in the video announcement for each workout. You can find this video through the event description or on our Instagram @foster__fit. Additionally, if you have an Instagram we are asking athletes to tag @foster__fit or go live so that our organization and the world can see you participate! Please make sure you and your judge review the movement standards for each workout. 

What other actions do I need to take?
Upon signing up for the competition, you need to make sure you receive and sign the liability waiver. Submit through Competition Corner platform.

How can I get updates about the event?
Please follow us on Instagram at @foster__fit for more info!

Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions? 
Please contact us at