Masters & Teens Throwdown - Semi Finals 2021

Event description

The Masters & Teens Throwdown Semi Finals is an online competition upon personal invitation, that will be held at your own box, gym, living room or backyard no matter where in the world.

Qualifiers for all
Semi Finals for the best
Finals for super heroes

Semi Finals - ​2-11 April 2021
After the qualifier the best of each age category will proceed to the online Semi Finals. We will challenge you to give it your all with another set of  workouts, to be performed at your own box, gym or backyard.

  • The workouts need to be completed during the prescribed period
  • Each workout can be performed & logged as often as you like
  • The logged score at the time the deadline passes, will be the final score determining your ranking on the leaderboard
  • Please note that video submittance is required to valid your scores & determine ranking on the leaderboard. You can find the instructions here

​Finals - 5 & 6 June 2021
Still standing at the top of the leaderboard? Congratz, you've made it to the finals! The best of each age category will receive a personal invitation by email to compete at our live event.
Location will follow

We do not underestimate your age and fitness and neither should you!

Rules & Requirements
You can read the full version of the 2021 Rulebook here
In short:

  • Athletes must register online, upon invitation only, and pay the €20,00 registration fee (excl. service costs). 
  • You have 7 days to accept your invitation. After those 7 days your invitation is invalidated and a substitute will be invited. 
  • Number of Semi Finalists per age group differ and are predetermined by the organiszation
  • Athletes must complete three online qualifier workouts between 02 - 11 April, submit a validated score and a video for each online workout
  • Age divisions: Teens: 12-13 / 14-15 / 16-17 / 18-19 / 20-21. Masters: 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65+
  • Your age on 5 June 2021 determines the age category you will participate in. For example: Masters 40 – 44, you must be minimum 40 to maximum 44 years old before/on 5 June 2021 to participate in this age category. 
  • Unofficial leaderboard: Tuesday 27 April 10:00hrs
  • Officlal leaderboard: Monday 3 May 10:00hrs
  • Finals in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Two day event, all athletes compete both days, no cut off. Upon invitation by e-mail, provided that scores for both Qualifiers & Semi Finals are submitted and validated by the Masters & Teens Throwdown Team. 
  • Number of finalists per age group will be based on the number of semi finalists per age group & will be published together with the unofficial leaderboard (27 April)
  • The Masters & Teens Throwdown Team reserve the right to combine age groups when too little athletes have entered the competition for these age groups
  • The Masters & Teens Throwdown Team reserve the right to disqualify an athlete based on their own reviewal process, should they find any violation of the rules stated or any violation of sportsmanship. 
  • Decisions of the Team are final and cannot be discuted. Performances of athletes will not be discussed with other athletes. 
  • The registration fee is non-refundable

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