2021 Collegiate CrossFit® Championship

Event description

Who: The Collegiate CrossFit® or functional fitness clubs that have at least 4 standing members and which have demonstrably existed for at least 1 year prior to the event.

What: The Collegiate CrossFit® Championship is a CrossFit®-licensed, online competition with the dual purpose of (1) crowning the fittest collegiate functional fitness club, internationally, and (2) promoting physical well-being, comradery and a shared passion of fitness through competitive sport. This is a proposed two-part season. Part one is an initial Open-style phase to seed teams for part two. Part two is a bracket-style elimination Championship in which teams seeded from phase one will compete on a biweekly basis, head-to-head until one team is left standing.

Open: This will be a three week, open-leaderboard event hosted on Competition Corner. Each Thursday night at 6 PM (M.T.), two events will be selected randomly from a pool of workouts. The random selection will be conducted transparently via an open-read Google sheet in which the workouts are listed with standards. Teams will have until the following Wednesday at 6 PM (M.T.) to submit their scores for both workouts.

When: January 28th -February 17th, 2021 Team registration deadline is January 26th, 2021 at 11:59 PM (M.T.)

Where: Remotely at your home gyms, local boxes or school training facilities.

Scoring: For each event, the score of each athlete will be ranked-ordered on one leaderboard. The rank of each individual becomes their designated score. The top (i.e., best-placement) four scores from each team will be summated to determine the team score of each event. At the end of three weeks, the team scores of all six workouts will be summated and teams with fewer points are ranked higher. The top 8 or 16 teams (contingent on the number of teams that participate) will advance to the Championship, seeded according to their rank in the Open.

Championship: This will be a 6-8 week, bracket elimination-style competition in which the top 8 or 16 teams (contingent on participation) from the Open phase compete head-to-head with each other on a biweekly basis. The final team standing at the end of the tournament is crowned the fittest collegiate club. As with the Open phase of competition, each Thursday night at 6 PM (M.T.), three events will be selected randomly from a pool of workouts. Recognizing that the CrossFit® Open season will overlap with this competition season, we will dictate that one of the three workouts be the workout released by CrossFit® for their initial three-week Open phase during overlapping weeks. Again, the random selection for the three (or fewer during the CrossFit® Open) workouts will be conducted transparently via an open-read Google sheet. Teams will have until the following Wednesday at 6 PM (M.T.) to submit their scores for all three workouts.

When: February 24th - approximately April 21st, 2021 (contingent on participation) Registration deadline TBD based on Open phase.

Where: Remotely at your home gyms, local boxes or school training facilities.

Scoring: For each head-to-head pairing, the two teams involved will be responsible for their scoring. The recommended scoring standard is the same as that of the Open phase: All athletes are rank ordered on one leaderboard; then the sum of the ranks of the 4 best placing members of each CFFC at CU 2021 Collegiate CrossFit® Championship January, 2021 2 team will become the score of that team in that event; summating this across all three events provides that the team with the lowest number of points is the winner. However, it is at the discretion of each pairing of teams to use a different but mutually agreed upon method. It is the responsibility of both teams within each pairing to agree upon and declare a winner by the designated deadline.

Rules for Both Stages:

➢ Participation: All participating teams must demonstrate that they have existed for at least one year prior to event participation (as of January 1st, 2020). All participating athletes must be 18- 25 years of age or as of January 1st, 2021. All participating athletes will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk / Waiver of Liability before participating. Anyone who does not sign this waiver is prohibited from participation.

➢ Judging & Score Submissions: Movement standards and scoring criteria will be tied to and/or released with each event. For example, should past CrossFit® Open workouts be selected, athletes will be referred to the movement standards and scoring criteria of these events at the time they were released. Due to COVID-19, we encourage that each stage of the competition be completed remotely and with responsible social distancing by each team. As such, integral judging falls to the responsibility of each team. Given that this is a voluntarily hosted event, we do not have the capacity to review scores through video submissions at this time; however, every athlete must have a judge that ensures they meet the appropriate movement standards and who is responsible for recording the athlete’s score. Judges must be registered participants in the competition and the judge’s name must be included with each score submission. Scores submitted after the deadline during the Open phase of competition will not be counted. During the bracket-style phase of competition, both teams must agree to and submit in writing the name of the winning team by the designated date and time. If both teams do not agree on the winner, then neither team will advance to the next stage of competition.

*Disclaimers: (1) This is a CrossFit, LLC-licensed event. CrossFit, LLC is the registered owner of the CrossFit® mark, which is used under license. (1) The Competitive Functional Fitness Club at CU Boulder assumes liability. All participants in this event do so at their own risk.*