Everyday Warrior 2021 Team Battle Series

Event description

Everyday Warrior founder Brittany Gill created the Battle Series as a way to Rally Community and raise money to alleviate the financial impact Cancer has on families in the CrossFit Community.  

Each workout programmed in the Battle Series is purposefully tough.  Your participation is a way to honor those that have fought and continue to fight for their lives every day.  Brittany passed away in 2014 and is the original Everyday Warrior.  Her vision continues to drive our mission forward each year.

Through the dedication of gyms, sponsors, and supporters we have provided financial assistance to more than 56 Warrior’s across the country.  If you’re following our journey, you’ve seen us share many of these inspiring stories.  

The theme of this year’s Battle Series is “Anchor of Hope”.  We want our Warriors and the Fitness Community to feel anchored to our Community and provide Hope to Warriors in the midst of their battle. 

Team Battle Series information

The Team Battle Series begin May 1, 2021.  Teams can sign up until the last day scores are do on May 31, 2021.

The Team Battle Series is open to partners of two Male/Male or two Female/Female.  There will be three Divisions this year; Rx, Scaled and Minimal Equipment.  Ages for Rx/Scaled/minimal equipment is 14-54 & Master 55+. 

Division Age groups for leaderboard: 14-15, 16-17, 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

* If two athletes from different age groups team up, they will compete in the younger division.


Registration of $120 includes a T-shirt for each teammate.  Teams can continue to register all the way up to when scores are due on Monday, May 31, 2021


For those who are not competing but still want to support the cause, t-shirts will be available for purchase through the competition corner merchandise store.  Click on the MERCHANDISE button on registration page.  Please note a t-shirt is included in the registration fee for both teammates. 

There will be two t-shirt deadlines this year.  If you would like to receive your shirt by the Start of the Battle Series, you must sign up by April 9, 2021.  All other sign-ups after April 9th, will receive their shirts after the Battle Series ends.  


For the Team Battle Series we will reward the TOP THREE GYMS with prizes.  So rally your Community and get signed up!  Top 10 gyms with the most sign-ups will receive the coveted EW banner.


We have changed the format to allow for added flexibility for athletes and gyms during the covid-19 pandemic.  You can choose what division will be best for you and your teammate.  

Movement Standards

Movements/weights will lie consistent with the 2021 CrossFit Open.  Master Division will follow the masters 55+ movement standards.



How do I register?

Payment issues? 
Login to your competition corner account to change your Division.  Use the help desk if needed.  

How do I change my division? 
Login to your competition corner account to change your Division.  Use the help desk if needed.  

Do I need to register my affiliate?
No, you will just manually type in your affiliate name. Please type the full name of your affiliate!  Make sure to manually enter your gyms name, as your gym is competing for a top three spot! 

Do my partner and I have to be from the same affiliate? 

I am a master, does my partner and I have to be in the same age division? 
No, however you will be ranked in the division of the youngest master. 

What to do if you’re having score submission issues? 
Late scores will not be accepted. However if you are having issues submitting your score email competition corner for support to help enter your scores, before the score submission deadline.

Where do I submit my score?
You can submit your scores by logging into your account with Competition Corner account. 

Can I repeat the WOD and enter in a new score? 
Yes, as long as you enter the score prior to the deadline. 

How can I change my t-shirt size and mailing address? 
Please email your changes to info@everyday-warrior.org.  This must be done before the shirt deadline. 

When will I receive my t-shirt?
Our t-shirt vendor Boxmade Goods will ship both shirts to the team captain. You will receive an email when the order is processed and then when its being shipped.