Event description

Lockdown Battle 2.0 is a two week online competition with 2 weekly workouts - 4 in total. All members of Arca can participate - that means you too! All workouts are bodyweight workouts and can be done at home or in your local area. You’ll be competing against other members of Arca - and also against your training buddies from your local box. Everybody can join no matter their skill level. There’ll be prizes for the very best. It’s free to participate and registration is open now. Soon we'll see each other again in our beloved boxes, but while we wait, let us once again battle lockdown edition! 


  • Two weeks online competition 
  • Workout release Monday and Friday
  • For Arca members only
  • Individual workouts 
  • Workouts that can be made with your own bodyweight

Workouts will be released Monday at 10.00 AM and Friday at 10.00 AM. Deadline for uploading results is the day before next workout is released at 5.00 PM.


  • Registration deadline: Feburary 4th at 5.00 PM
  • Workouts will be released as follows:

Workout 1: 1/2 at 10.00 AM - deadline 4/2 at 5.00 PM

Workout 2: 5/2 at 10.00 AM - deadline 7/2 at 5.00 PM

Workout 3: 8/2 at 10.00 AM - deadline 11/2 at 5.00 PM

Workout 4: 12/2 at 10.00 Am - deadline 14/2 at 5.00 PM


At home or outside with proper social distancing.


Lockdown Battle 2.0 is for all Arca members.

Score validation

All participants can be asked to provide video proof of one or more workouts. It is your sole responsibility to have a video of your performance. If you can't provide a video upon request then your score will be removed from the leaderboard. There will be an option to provide a video link when uploading your score and we recommend teams to do so. It isn't mandatory to provide a link when registering your score but you MUST be able to provide a video upon request.


There’ll be prizes for the overall winners