Event description

We're BACK! Say hello to 'Home Alone 3'

A 5 week online competition to get you off the sofa & competing at home AGAIN.

  • 1 workout per week
  • No equipment needed

Emma McQuaid is back to help prove you can train at home with 5 completely new workouts. 

HAVE NO FEAR - we're switching it up, so it you have a fear of burpees & push ups from The Home Alone in 2020, it'll be completely different this time out. 

Whether it’s your home gym, garage, garden or living room – any location will do!



There will be 5 workouts spread over 5 weeks.


Workout 1 - Monday 18th Jan, 8am GMT

Submission deadline - Sunday 24th Jan, 10pm GMT


Workout 2 - Monday 25th Jan, 8am GMT

Submission deadline - Sunday 31st Jan, 10pm GMT


Workout 3, 4 & 5 

Submission deadline - Sunday 21st Feb, 11.59pm GMT



To make it as simple as possible, there will just be Male & Female Divisions.  

To reiterate; workouts are not technical and can be done by literally any level of athlete. 


As it's a free competition that is available globally, the winner will purely get bragging rights for "Fittest at Home 2021"



Each workout will have a video guide and required standards. Although all movements are very simple, they all require a standard. On review, we will check to ensure standards are met. On each workout submission, see "Standards" section and also the penalties for missing these.


It's 100% FREE!