Event description

A Competition created by locals for locals and hosted by CrossFit Gladstone. The competition is designed to give those new to CrossFit a chance to dip their toe in the water whilst still challenging the more experienced individuals.

These standards are no indication of intended workouts. They are only to be used as a guideline when determining decisions when registering. 

Scaled -

Excellent knowledge with beginner competency through all movements

Cleans 40/20kg
Snatch 30/20kg
Wall Balls 9ft (parallel squat at worst)


Excellent knowledge and competency through all movements. Prepared (and able) to take on the more technical movements and heavier weights. Completed the Open mostly as perscribed (RX).

Cleans 70/50kg
Snatch 60/40kg
Wall Balls 10/9ft
Chest to Bar
Toes to Bar

Workouts & Standards
All movements and standards will be outlined.? Each WOD offers different levels of movement and/or weight. The competitor will choose at registration which level to complete the workout. This rewards strengths exposes weaknesses and enables everyone to compete at a level which is challenging for them. 

All workouts and movements standards will be released in the week prior to the event.

Briefing: Competition briefing will be specified closer to the date on the Facebook page and Website 

Waivers: Waivers are to be filled out before the day, spares will be around on the day.

Refunds: No refunds, transfers available please Email - crossfitgladstone@gmail.com


Warming Up 

There will be a warm-up area for your convenience. There will be equipment for you to use during your warm-up, but if you have specific warm-up needs, you will need to bring those items with you. 


Our parking lot is going to be reserved for vendors and utilized for the workouts and a warm-up area throughout the day so you will be unable to park in the venue. There is plenty of parking along Helen street and in the vacant block across the road. 


You are welcome to bring as many spectators with you as you would like and we will have room for you to set up tents, chairs, tables, etc. for your convenience. During the competition inside the building will be reserved for athletes and spectators only, so your belongings will need to be placed outside. 

Food & Drink 

There will be food and drink options available to be purchased on the day.