Event description

Why the Challenge:::

The Beech Hill Burpee Challenge was created to keep everyone in Ontario motivated to do a little extra fitness during our Lockdown in January 2021. This is for anyone looking for a tough challenge that will burn some calories, keep you engaged with the fitness community and keep you mentally focused on your fitness goals going into 2021. 

What is the Challenge:::

The challenge is 100 burpees per day for all 31 days of January. We encourage you to particpate with your gym, your friends, your family and anyone who will push you to stay on top of this. Maybe even get your family members (kids) to do a chunk sychronized burpees with you. 

Guidlines for buprees:::

The 100 burpees can be broken up through the day. Choose to do some in the morning when you wake up, do some in your warm up for your at home workouts, do some in your workout, or do some before bed. As long as you accumulate 100 for the day, you can submit your completed workout here on competition corner. Each burpee is a full "chest to ground" burpee where your chest and thighs touch the ground and you step or jump your feet up to standing position and then jump with hands above your head and reach extension of hips and knees while your feet leave the ground. 


Your ultimiate goal is to complete 100 burpees for all 31 days. We understand this is a big feat for most people, so your secondary goal is to complete as many days of the month as possible! Your third goal is to contribute to your gyms total number of burpees in the month. (if you belong to a gym community- make sure to register with your affiaite). We hope this will be a yearly challenge for each person doing this and each gym/ community particpating.  

For this year, the soul purpose is to give everyone a small reason to stay active during our lockdown, but possibly moving forward this could be for another cause!


We are working on getting some cool items/ prizes created for those who successfully complete the challenge and for the gym/ community with the highest total number of buprees. 


If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to Nick Anapolsky at coachpolsky@gmail.com.