2021 Troop Care Row

Event description

When: Friday, Feb 12, 2021 (7am-7pm your local time)


Everyday 22 Veterans commit suicide and take their own lives. Mental health issues are impacting our Military and First Responders and it is on us to have their backs. Our goal at Troop Care is to raise awareness and support for those struggling with mental health and to help end the mental health epidemic facing our veterans.

***Please note that this is a free event. Our goal is to raise awareness and support veterans with mental health issues. It is not required, but our ask is that donate to Mission22 at https://mission22.com/give in order to help achieve this goal.***


When: Friday, Feb 12, 2021 (7am-7pm your local time)

There are 2 main divisions with the individual division broken up by distance:

Team: Teams of 4-8 will have one person row on a rower at a time and swap out as necessary (or needed) over a 12-hour period. Team score will be total meters rowed, as a team, over the 12 hours. 

Individual Male and Individual Female: Individuals will have an opportunity to chose which distance division to compete. The only requirement is it must be done on Feb 12, 2021, during the 7am-7pm time frame to be counted on the leaderboard. Score will be total time in took to complete their chosen distance. 

  • Marathon Row (42,195 Meters)
  • Half-Marathon Row (21,097 Meters)
  • 10K Row (10,000 Meters)

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To get exclusive 2021 Troop Care apparel visit https://www.troopcarehelps.com/shop. Proceeds will be donated to Mission22


Upon completion of the workout, the athletes must submit their score via Competition Corner no later than 8:00PM EST on Saturday, Feb 13th to see results on the leaderboard.

Refunds will be provided up to 72 hours prior to the event as well as subtitutions or transfer of registrations.

***For more information on Troop Care go to troopcarehelps.com and to learn more about about Mission22 and their work to end the veteran mental health crisis go to mission22.com***